According to, “Most adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) need medication, but that’s not always enough. That’s why many experts recommend meds and psychotherapy.”  This article will focus on the particular type of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  It will explore the various types of techniques that can be applied to ADHD.

Problem Solving

The first technique that can be used for individuals with ADHD is problem solving.  This enables individuals with ADHD to analyze the pros and cons of a situation.  When they write out the pros and cons of a situation, they will have a better idea of how the situation looks and whether or not to follow through with the particular situation.

Emotional Control

In addition to problem solving, another CBT technique that is helpful for individuals with ADHD is emotional control.  Sometimes individuals with ADHD have difficulty managing their emotions.  With emotional control, you can better maintain your emotions.  The question remains how do you do this.  To be specific, you can journal how you are feeling.  When you journal how you are feeling, you will have a visual idea of how you are feeling and see it on a piece of paper.  This will enable you to see the situation in front on you and enable you to figure out the situation better.

Social Skills Training

In addition to problem solving and emotional control, another CBT technique that can be used with individuals with ADHD is social skills training.  In particular, it is sometimes difficult for individuals with ADHD to pick up on social cues and establish appropriate boundaries with their peers.  This can be an obstacle for individuals with ADHD.  When individuals perform social skills training techniques, they role play situations.  This means they practice the scenarios as a group.  This enables them to practice the scenarios as if they are in a real-life environment to better grasp the idea and meaning of the activity.


To end this particular article, three CBT techniques have been mentioned that can be used for individuals with ADHD.  They include but are not limited to problem solving, emotional control, in addition to social skills training.  These three techniques are practical tools that can be used to help individuals with ADHD lead better lives and better manage their symptoms associated with ADHD.  Try giving them a chance.  Who knows?  Maybe you will she changes.  Go for it.

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