Midterms are fast approaching.  You are stressed out.  How do you prepare for midterms, especially if you have ADHD?  This article will answer this question.  Continue reading this article to find out.

Study In Advance

A symptom of ADHD is difficulty organizing tasks and planning.  One way to ace a test with ADHD is to study ahead of time.  Try to study at least one week ahead of the exam.  If the teacher does not give you a study guide for the exam, make your own study guide.  Re-read the chapters for the exam and highlight the important points for each chapter.  This will enable you to make a study guide and do better on the exam.

Take Study Breaks While Studying For The Exam

In addition to studying in advance for the exam, take study breaks while studying for the exam.  Your brain is a muscle.  It needs sufficient breaks in order to operate properly.  When you study, try to take at least 10 minute breaks every 45 minutes.  This will enable you to grasp the material effectively and perform to your best capabilities on the exam.

Eat A Good Breakfast The Day Of The Exam

In addition to studying ahead of time for the exam and taking study breaks while studying for the exam, it is also essential to eat a good breakfast the day of the exam.  Have a cup of coffee or too!  Eat a variety of proteins and carbohydrates, as well.  This will help you to feel full for the exam.  If your teacher allows you to bring a granola bar to the exam during the break of the exam, bring one.  This will give you the extra boost during the exam to perform to your best capabilities.


To conclude this specific article, this article has provided readers with various strategies and tips to perform to their optimal strengths and abilities on midterm exams with ADHD.  They include but are not limited to studying in advance, at least a week in advance for the midterm exam, in addition to taking study breaks, preferably 10 minute amounts every 45 minutes.  In addition, another tip or strategy to perform well on a midterm exam with ADHD is to eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast the day of the exam.  This includes having a cup of coffee or two, in addition to eating a balance of proteins and carbohydrates to get the right amount of energy to begin your day.

Photo by K.C.Saff