You may be suffering from ADHD and may be asking yourself one specific question. According to, “When an individual or their child is diagnosed with ADHD, one of their first questions is often: “Can ADHD be cured?” The answer is no. This article will explore why ADHD is not curable. In particular, it will explain why ADHD cannot be cured with medication, behavioral therapy, or dietary supplements and how these types of treatments can help someone suffering from ADHD.


According to, “The medications currently on the market to treat ADHD cannot cure the disease, per se. They can only treat the symptoms. However, there are a number of medications available to treat the inattentiveness, hyperactivity or lethargy, impulsiveness, and other symptoms of ADHD.” According to, these types of medications include Modafinil, Ritalin, Concerta, Dexedrine, in addition to Adderall. Http:// adds these type of medications are known as stimulants, which can increase alertness, wakefulness, and attention.

Behavioral Therapy

According to, “While behavioral approaches can be highly effective in helping to manage and counteract ADHD symptoms, therapy cannot quite be said to “cure” ADHD. Therapy for ADHD focuses on skills like time management, organizing tasks and physical environments, and creating structured schedules. These approaches help people with ADHD overcome their symptoms and find ways to manage day-to-day tasks.” Behavioral therapy can benefit people with ADHD by enabling them to manage their time more effectively and be more productive throughout their daily routines.

Dietary Supplements

According to, “Although changes in diet will not result in a complete cure for ADHD, there is some evidence that certain dietary changes can be beneficial in managing the disorder.” According to, vitamin B can help with mental processes and brain function, fish oil can help with anxiety, and probiotic supplements can aid in better functioning for the digestive system.


Even though there is no cure for the treatment of ADHD, there are a number of treatment strategies to aid in the development of better functioning for someone with ADHD. For example, medications such as stimulants aid in better concentration and focus for someone with ADHD. Behavioral therapy results in better time management and productivity skills for someone with ADHD. On a third and final note, dietary supplements provide better health for someone with ADHD. Overall, there are treatments for people with ADHD. Even though these treatments will not cure ADHD, they will enable someone to better manage their symptoms.


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