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Vyvanse: An Effective Treatment For ADHD


Are you currently suffering from ADHD? Are you looking for a medication to relieve your symptoms associated with ADHD? If so, continue reading this article. This article is for you. This article will provide the reader with an effective type of medication to treat ADHD. This medication is called Vyvanse. In this article, I will provide the reader with the benefits of Vyvanse, in addition to the disadvantages of taking Vyvanse.

The Benefits Of Taking Vyvanse

According to, Vyvanse “is long release. It has drug release characteristics that are very helpful to people with ADHD and outperform competing formulations on multiple dimensions. There are studies which show it works well for at least a year. It is hard to abuse. It typically has some effect for 14 hours.” With that said, Vyvanse is a very effective medication for ADHD. To be specific, it is a long release medication that can last in your system for up to 14 hours. According to, “A pill that lasts 10-12 hours or longer with smooth release and consistent drug behavior tends to provide better stability than multiple instant release pills over that same time frame.” Plus, on an even further note, it is hard to abuse. Talk to your doctor if you are struggling with ADHD. Consider taking Vyvanse.

The Disadvantages Of Taking Vyvanse

Despite the advantages of taking Vyvanse, it is worth mentioning the disadvantages of taking Vyvanse, as well. According to, Vyvanse can cause headaches, lack of sleep or insomnia, loss of weight, dizziness or nausea, having cold hands and feet, unpleasant tastes, abdominal aches in upper abdomen, erectile dysfunction in some individuals, increased heartbeat, dryness of the mouth, as well as clenching or teeth grinding. also argues that Vyvanse may also cause heightened aggression, abrupt mood swings, as well as feelings of intense tiredness and weakening of the muscles. According to WebMd, “Remember that your doctor has prescribed this medicine because he or she has judged that the benefit to you is greater than the risk of side effects. Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.” Hence, trust your doctor. Do not be afraid of the side effects of Vyvanse.  Concentrate on the benefits of this medication.


I have been taking Vyvanse since 2012. As someone who has suffered from ADHD since the beginning of young adulthood, Vyvanse has changed my life and drastically diminished my symptoms associated with ADHD. I definitely would recommend Vyvanse to anyone who is struggling with ADHD.

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Vyvanse: An Effective Treatment For ADHD

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