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Coping With ADHD


Living with ADHD on a daily basis can be quite a struggle. At times, you can become forgetful. Other times, you can become disorganized. Furthermore, on other occasions you can simply become frustrated and overwhelmed. With that stated, many people have asked me how do I cope with the daily struggles of ADHD. In this article, I will provide my first hand experience on coping with ADHD.

Taking Medication On A Daily Basis

First and foremost, I take my medication on a daily basis. After I have breakfast in the morning, taking my medication is the first thing I do in the morning. I am not ashamed to take my medication. It helps me get through the day. Without my medication, I would be extremely stressed, disorganized, and frustrated on a daily basis.  I know this is not a healthy way to live. Hence, I make it a priority to take my medication every morning, even if I feel I do not need to.


Another way I cope with my ADHD is through journaling. I am a very visual person. Especially with ADHD, my thoughts can become scattered. This can cause me a lot of anxiety. By journaling, I am able to examine and more importantly see how I feel on a piece of paper. This helps me to better understand what is going on in my mind and why I feel the way I do. Through journaling, I am able to understand myself better and become a happier, more confident person.


Also, on a further note, exercising has enabled me to remain stable and handle the daily struggles of ADHD. When I exercise, I feel much more energized and focused throughout the day and am able to accomplish a lot more. I also have a much more positive mood in contrast to when I don’t exercise. I ran competitively throughout high school and college. Hence, one of my favorite types of exercise is running. In addition to running, I also like yoga. I like to change how I exercise on a daily basis. I like to make exercise fun for myself.


Taking my medication, journaling, and exercising are just three of the many ways I have learned to cope with the daily struggles of ADHD. Coping strategies are very important, especially if you have ADHD. Feel free to use these coping skills to better manage your ADHD.

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Coping With ADHD

Lauren Walters

My name is Lauren Walters. I am currently heading into my final semester of graduate school for Mental Health Counseling in the Spring of 2016. Through my own experiences with mental illness, I love to inspire others through my writings and reassure them that they can live healthy, productive lives, despite mental illness. I hope you enjoy my articles. Feel free to comment. I will be sure to respond to you questions and/or comments in a prompt manner. Enjoy!

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