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Grieving a Pet is Real

“'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”
~Alfred Lord Tennyson
Anybody who has ever loved, taken care of, or welcomed an animal into one's home and heart can probably...


The Power of Visualization

How often have you heard an athlete say they visualize the moves they are going to make before they actually do it? Visualizing something and actually acting it out are closely connected. This process involves the activation of our motor cortex located...


Navigating Grief

Grief is a ubiquitous human experience, but somehow we are never truly prepared for the many faces that bereavement presents. Perhaps our Western culture, with its emphasis on perennial youth and denial of aging and death, encourages us to turn a blind...


Stress Management 101

All of us experience stress on a daily basis and some degree of stress is absolutely normal as well as necessary to keep us alert, occupied and moving forward towards our goals. In fact, many perform best under mild to moderate degree...

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