About a Little Bit of Soul & CR Zwolinski

Do you wonder what the meaning of your life is? Do you wish you had a guide to better understand your psyche?

In A Little Bit Of Soul, C.R. Zwolinski, will share Breslov teachings that have helped her and many others live a more joyful, meaningful life, improve interpersonal relationships, and achieve greater peace of mind.

Rebbe Nachman (1772-1810), the mystic healer and Jewish scholar who created the enormous body of work that makes up Breslov wisdom, taught that healing the soul is life’s main purpose. Breslov is a positive spiritual philosophy rooted in the ancient mystic tradition, an approach that empowers each individual to find the unique combinations of insights and practices that speak to their soul.

Although his teachings were born in another time and place, they seem revolutionary, even today. The Rebbe encouraged each of us to tap into the power of story, song, dance, study and reflection, positive thinking, meditation, prayer—especially meditative prayer in nature, breath work, and other tools to achieve emotional well-being and psycho-spiritual growth and wellness. There is also an emphasis on cultivating self-knowledge, deep self-esteem, healthy relationships, hope, and joy, and there are insights and practices that help the individual achieve these and other treasures of the psyche.

When you begin to discover Breslov ideas, you might see some reminders of a few aspects of Eastern spiritual paths, as well as positive psychology, dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other modern psychotherapeutic approaches. Though it does offer emotional support and guidance, Breslov thought emphasizes healing the individual’s unique and precious soul in her present lifetime.

The Rebbe explains the deep Kabbalistic concepts behind simple practices, such as starting anew each day and never giving up will help us heal our soul.

About C.R. Zwolinski

CR ZwolinskiChaya Rivka (C.R.) Zwolinski, who co-blogs at Psych Central’s Therapy Soup (since 2010), is a teacher, coach, writer, and communications consultant living in Brooklyn, NY. She teaches women’s classes on relationships and spirituality at BreslovCampus.org, where she is also the Director of Curriculum and Program Marketing. She also blogs at BreslovWoman.org, and BRI-Publishers (where she writes the Breslov Repair Kit), is a communications/marketing consultant to individuals and organizations, and coaches women from all backgrounds in the areas of relationships, spirituality, emotional wellness, recovery, writing, personal and professional development, and more. She’s the ghostwriter of several books for adults and children, and has co-authored Therapy Revolution: Find Help, Get Better, and Move On (Without Wasting Time or Money) as well as co-authored The Parent-Child Dance: A Guide To Help You Understand And Shape Your Child’s Behavior. She’s contributed to numerous other publications online and in print, and has spoken to organizations and led workshops in many locations. C.R. is also a visual artist, and has produced and directed films and videos. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and can be reached at: crzbreslov @gmail.com.

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