It Sends Me There

It Sends Me There
When I foresee the damage done
I survey the home, but I see none
When hope is gone
Where boredom grows
Where love succumbs to pointless blows
Years go by and wasted still
Till morning comes and more ensue
To teach complacent and dredging true
It seems to me that all is gone

till one small fern unbends its arm
Thru sod it seems to talk to me
and says what love has forgotten to
It points the way,...

Coping Skills

We Swim Together

The other day I was down by our turtle pond, a puddle really, and a frog jumped from a shrub into the water. Wow, we are developing out own little ecosystem.

Frogs are happy creatures, they are adrenaline junkies, the risk takers in the amphibious/reptilian...


We’re All Mad Here

Listening, it’s so hard to do. Why is that? As soon as we learn to walk, the lessons begin. “Listen to me,” “Hey are you listening,” “I said, listen.” “Were you even listening to me?” “If only you listened.” “Ever wonder why God gave...


Another Dad’s Day

Another Dad’s Day has come and gone. It seems that Father’s Day has escaped the holiday expansion trend. We make a bigger deal over holidays than what I remember from the past. Halloween is through the roof, Valentine’s Day is ridiculous, even Ground Hog day has gone national. Oh and Christmas, don’t get me started. I have no problem with Mother’s Day being bigger. I do empathize with all of the women who aren’t or can’t...