We’re All Mad Here

Listening, it’s so hard to do. Why is that? As soon as we learn to walk, the lessons begin. “Listen to me,” “Hey are you listening,” “I said, listen.” “Were you even listening to me?” “If only you listened.” “Ever wonder why God gave...


Another Dad’s Day

Another Dad’s Day has come and gone. It seems that Father’s Day has escaped the holiday expansion trend. We make a bigger deal over holidays than what I remember from the past. Halloween is through the roof, Valentine’s Day is ridiculous, even Ground Hog day has gone national. Oh and Christmas, don’t get me started. I have no problem with Mother’s Day being bigger. I do empathize with all of the women who aren’t or can’t...

Coping Skills

The Stone In My Pocket

I carry a stone in my pocket.

It’s a small stone given to me by a speaker at this year’s Blueridge Mountain Christian Writer’s Conference near Asheville, NC. As 500 aspiring writers sat in the darkened auditorium, we were reminded of David who walked up...


Find Your Rock in the Sun

One of the first blogs I posted was titled "Butterflies, Turtles, God-Winks, and Hope." And in the article was a picture of “T,” our turtle. A while back, Lori saw a post on Facebook that read, “Expect Good Things,” with a small picture of...