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Sunday’s Here—Sort’a


Last week I wrote that I am in the middle of a trilogy of sorts so you may want to go back and read my last two articles after reading the following. The first article talked about the depth of depression brought on by grief. The second talked about the hope of Sunday, that it is coming. This week is a third story, on how Sunday is here, well almost, anyway.

What I didn’t tell you in the first week is that my book “When Sunday Smiled,” was rejected by yet another literary agent. To have a book traditionally published, you need an agent who will work as your intermediary with a publishing house. A traditional publishing house will pay you to publish your book. I’ve been searching for a long time get someone interested in my story about how I walked the Appalachian Trail to deal with the death of my son Aaron.

I was going to go the self-publishing route which basically means I pay for my book to be published, but I found an agent who shared a number of similarities with me, so I gave the traditional route one more try. She even took a second look at my book, which built up my expectations, but alas, I got that same old, “your platform isn’t big enough.” In other words, I don’t have a big enough audience.

I has hurt, devastated, and I gave up again. Then I went to see the movie, “I Can Only Imagine (A MUST See), about the lead singer of MercyMe and his back story of being rejected until he fixed his past life. I was so inspired, I looked up my rejected agent which led me to a publisher who takes proposals directly.

I contacted the Publisher in Chief who wrote back the next day, (unheard of in this industry), “I can’t offer you a contract without reading the rest of your manuscript.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. I sent it to her and 3 ½ hours later (she is a fast reader), she told me she wants to publish my book. Are you kidding me? Does God have a sense of humor? Maybe, but he does has a sense of perfect timing.

I still need an agent but now that I have a publisher, I’m praying an agent is on his/her way.

What did I learn through all of this and what does it have to do with you? I learned that when I’m angry, I’m wrong. I’m not wrong to be angry—I’m wrong with what I do with my anger. Like lashing out at someone doing her job or feeling sorry for myself. It’s ok to be angry, it’s what we often do with it that makes a bigger mess.

I learned to search out goodness. That’s what I did when I went to the movie. I didn’t know what I’d find but I knew it could be good for me.

I learned to listen. Just like on the trail, I need to train my ears to what God is teaching me and my eyes to where he is leading.

I learned to stick with it. I once read an agent’s blog that told aspiring authors like myself “to wake up and smell the coffee.” I could have quit, but in the past two years, I got better, my book got better, and along the way other people also got better.

There is no signed contract, no money, and there won’t be an actual book for about a year. Nothing is in stone, it could all vanish tomorrow. I still need an agent.

And I need you. I need your prayers that this goes through. I need you to believe that God does care about you and me. Take one small step and say a short prayer for me and will be be a blessing for you. The only thing I’ve asked in the past is that you follow my blog and hopefully you will benefit in some small way.

Today I’m simply asking what many of you are already doing—pray.


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Andy is a Clinical Psychologist who lost his son in a tragic motorcycle accident and now authors articles on bereavement. The quiz is available! Go to to find out if you may have Prolonged Grief Disorder. Look forward to his upcoming posts, and books. Follow him at his website, and to find out more about prolonged grief.



Sunday’s Here—Sort’a

Andy Davidson

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