Would You Ride A Motorcycle When Your Kid Was Killed On His?


I heard the snap and looked back to see my new license plate holder and light carousel across the two-lane highway while my bike rolled to a stop. There I was, on the edge of town with the sun going down, and no cell phone (which I broke working on said bike the day before). As I lay on my back finessing the thick chain back onto the first sprocket, “why” floated through my head along...

Coping Skills

So Another Mother’s Day

  So another Mother’s Day has come and gone. Grateful for my mother past and grateful for my wife present. It means enough to see her smile, to smell some flowers, to read a card, and maybe bite into some dark chocolate.

She rides off on her Pink Panther to get some energy for the rest of the day. A day mothers are especially recognized in churches all around the country. A day that a lot...

Coping Skills

Do You Have a Congested Head? part 2

I pick up his hammer, I feel the wooden handle, its metal face is heavy, suitable for mechanic work. It hangs on my tool wall, along with my dad’s screw drivers and my father-in-law's saw. They are all gone now, my son, dad and father-in-law, but when I hold their tools, they draw close at hand. Sometimes tears well up in my eyes, sometimes I curse out of desperation, always they are there, at their...

Coping Skills

Do You Have a Congested Head?

“Andy’s got a box cut…oh my gosh…here, let me see that.” My brother boomed as he got off the floor and came rushing in to gawk.

“Andy what did you do?” mom shrieked.

“Andy?” my twin sister laughed.

It was true. I tired of Ed and Carl’s...


Why The Zombie Doesn’t Run

I really feel fortunate to have grown up during the running craze. Remember the early 80’s? Everyone was running. Everyone was taking LSD (long slow distance) and wearing waffle tread. We were signing up for 5k’s and paying to find out how slow were really were. The pros were sponsored to run at the front. They looked like race horses, thoroughbreds with lean muscles and long legs. We were happy to be on the same course...


If This World Is But A Shadow, Why Does It Hurt So Much?

Shadowlands. Have you seen it? Did you know there are two? I just saw the original (prior to Anthony Hopkins). Apparently, it is more accurate than the latter version--and more powerful.

It’s about CS Lewis, the famous theologian. Maybe you have heard of The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe, or Screwtape Letters, or maybe Mere Christianity. Few books are worth reading twice. All of Lewis’ books are.

But one book you may not know is A Grief Observed,...

Coping Skills

What’s a Theophany and What’s It Got To Do With Me?

Theophany? So what? And oh, by the way, what the heck is a theophany? Well, in short, it’s a Jesus sighting. Jesus sighting, you mean like Elvis? Ah no, Elvis has left the building—for real--for good. But according to some, many actually, there are a few recorded Jesus sightings in the Old Testament. Mentions of the Son of Man and the Son of God could be examples. But that’s old—older than me, older than dirt old.

So what? So...

Children & Teens

Dogs Go To Heaven, Cat’s, I don’t know

“Here’s your Dad, he wants to talk to you.” And my wife handed me her phone.

“Hi, honey, your Mom told me about Penny.”

“She…kidneys… maybe her numbers… flushing her system, I think, I don’t know.”

Words were short, interrupted with tears and gasps to catch a breath. Davidsons do many things pretty, but crying is not one of them. Crying is hard, breathing is harder—eyes are red, and seeing clearly is harder.

“Oh honey.” Think, surely you have something...