So I’m sitting here on a faux leather couch, looking out at the snow crusted pines surrounding an icy lake in Colorado. Our rental cabin is a 70's throw-back, about to turn the corner on kitsch. The sun is shining but not having its...

Coping Skills

She Knows

They say that pets have a sixth sense and can tell when the departed are near. I don’t believe in ghosts, I believe my son is in heaven. But the other night before falling asleep I listened to “I Drive Your Truck” on Pandora....


God is Closer

With the chatter of Spanish-speaking packers and the clatter of dishes, our belongings and memories are moving into cardboard boxes while I retreat to my computer to search my way through everything that’s been happening in my life and what I've learned.

Hurricane Flo left us with water-soaked walls and some mold, so we’ll get a new interior for most of our home. Drywall, insulation and flooring will grace the curb of the cul de sac while...


It Sends Me There

It Sends Me There
When I foresee the damage done
I survey the home, but I see none
When hope is gone
Where boredom grows
Where love succumbs to pointless blows
Years go by and wasted still
Till morning comes and more ensue
To teach complacent and dredging true
It seems to me that all is gone

till one small fern unbends its arm
Thru sod it seems to talk to me
and says what love has forgotten to
It points the way,...