life happensI am back from a small hiatus.  It wasn’t a planned hiatus – life just happened.  Trust me, when it happened it happened up, down, around, and all over me.  Have you ever had one those days, weeks, or months when those “life happens” moments just keep coming – one after another, after another, after another?  Within a few weeks I had some health issues, some frustrations, computer issues, some disappointments, along with some genuine “are you serious?” moments.

I have to admit, I temporarily lost my focus.  All of those postive things I live by and write about went right out the window.  Then I remembered that when the going gets tough, the tough get going.  I had to regroup because I wasn’t giving in to the option of giving up.   I decided it was time to get up and put my big girl panties on and keep it moving.  So I began my journey, thinking of ways to cope and I came up with some pretty basic solutions.

1) I stopped asking why.

I realized that asking why was not only extremely counterproductive, but it was also incredibly selfish.  After all, I wasn’t the only person in the world going through something.  I had to ask myself if things were really that bad and remind myself that they could always be worse.  I found that asking why was only prolonging my pity party and I was tired of  wearing that party hat.  Asking why wasn’t changing my situations or helping me to move forward.  So I just stopped asking why.

2) I remembered it’s only temporary.

I thought about my situations and realized that they were only temporary.  Some of them were scary, frustrating, irritating, and really sucked – but they would eventually come to an end.  I also reminded myself that every time I’ve ever been through anything, I’ve always been a little stronger when it was all said and done.

3) I prayed.

Prayer always works for me.  I believe a sense of spirituality keeps me grounded during many times where I would otherwise be insane.  It’s important to remember that prayer doesn’t always produce instant miracles.   In most instances, I’m not praying for the situation to be over, but just the strength to get through it.  I always feel a little lighter when I’m done and I like it.

The reality is that we all have had or will have those “life happens” moments that come one after another.  Sometimes one situation comes before another one ends.  We can’t always be prepared, but we can find healthy ways to cope and make it through the day.

Robert Frost stated, “in three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on”.  I couldn’t agree more.  Life is going to happen as long as we are living.  Roll with the punches and ride out the waves.

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