expect the unexpectedThis week was filled with unexpected events.  It started with a trip to urgent care after my daughter felt the appropriate place for a green bean was in her ear.  It was followed by unexpected illnesses, crises at work, and another trip to urgent care after my daughter’s face lost a war with a mosquito lurking in our car on the ride home.

As we all know,“life happens,” and this week it taught me the importance of remaining calm in stressful situations and dealing with the unexpected.

It’s not that any of the events I mentioned were particularly anything to pull your hair out over.  It was simply the culmination of events compounded by the fact that I had too many other things that needed to get done.

The green bean incident was in the middle of preparation of dinner.  The illnesses were during a time I couldn’t afford not to feel well, and the crises at work took place when I needed to catch up on paperwork.  So what do you do when life presents those unexpected events during a time you have planned to get other things done?  Well, you can roll with the punches.  You choose to get up and push, or lie down and die.  However, there are some things you can do to alleviate the stress of the unexpected.

  • Remember… One Thing At a Time

There is no reason to get all flustered about what you can’t accomplish.  It’s important to remember you can only do one thing at a time.  Take a moment to determine what is the most important and once the unexpected event has passed, start there.

  • Ask For Help

If this is an option, by all means do not feel ashamed.  If you can find a way for someone to pitch in and take a little bit of the load off, ask for help!  A little extra support can go a long way.

  • Plan for the unexpected

It may sound crazy to plan for something you cannot expect, but this week taught me to think about planning a little more.  When you have a hectic life, you can never plan too much.  Consider anything that will make your life a little easier in case of an unexpected event.  In my case, it’s making dinner a day or two ahead so if there is a “green bean incident,” there is no rush.

We may not be able to know when the unexpected is coming, but we can keep a positive attitude and plan in a way that if it comes, it’s not totally disruptive. We know the unexpected is bound to come, why not make the best of it?

Tomato/onion photo available from Shutterstock