Fun Dance Styles That Help You Lose Weight and Boost Your Mood

Get your dance on
If one of your wellness goals is to lose weight, you wouldn’t be alone. But let’s be honest, hitting the gym on a regular basis can become boring and mundane.

Moreover, you can do hundreds of crunches a day and still not lose much weight around your mid-section. Most abdominal exercises strengthen the underlying muscles of your core but do very little to get rid of the subcutaneous fat on top.


How to Have Sweet Dreams

Do you enjoy your dreams?
Are your dreams full of magical forests, flowing rivers and majestic mountains? No? Well, it's not surprising the content of your night-time imaginings aren't always beautiful and cute. Studies show, among other reasons, you sleep in order to process information gained during the day.


3 Reasons Your Life Will Improve By Developing a Generosity Mindset

Improve your life through generosity
Don't you just love people who are generous? Not because they give you things, but because they exude warmth. There's something about them you can't quite put your finger on that makes you want to be in their company.

Maybe it's their genuine nature or joyful presence. You might not realize that people with a generosity mindset benefit from being givers. Their benevolence makes them as happy as it makes the receivers of their time, effort, and the other resources they freely share.


5 Things That Kill Your Motivation

Do you do these things? Here's how to create positive change
Are you highly motivated? Or do you often feel less than enthusiastic about life? Maybe you encounter momentary zeal and flashes of inspiration that fade fast. If you want to ignite your appetite for living, and make it last, check that you don't carry out these motivation-killing behaviors.


5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found “The One”

What are your romantic expectations?
Do you long to find "the one?"

Maybe your heart tells you there's an individual made just for you, but the task of locating him or her is discouraging. It's possible you've inadvertently reduced the chances of getting what you want.

Here are five reasons you might not have found that special someone yet and how to get better results.


Snowballing Thoughts: How to Stop Creating Anxiety

Anxiety - The Build Up
Anxiety is a process, not just an experience.

It doesn't exist until created. It begins with one thought, and like a wave, builds as thoughts collect. You're mostly unaware of developing stress via a build-up of worries, and the procedure goes ahead without intervention.

Become more conscious of the formula involved in worry-creation and you'll have the power to make it stop.


The Problem with Interrupting People (And How to Stop)

Do you cut in when your friends or family speak? People interrupt each other for different reasons. They might be desperate to have their say or think their point's superior to anyone else's.

Either way, there's a problem with butting in when someone's talking: it belittles them and signals disrespect.

It can be hard not to interrupt when you've knowledge to share. Sometimes you're busting with enthusiasm, and if you don't speak, you'll explode. Well, that's...