Don’t Confuse Being Nice with Being Weak

Being nice to people doesn’t mean you’re a doormat
Do you think nice guys finish last? Evidence proves the contrary. You might have the idea stuck in your head that niceness makes you weak, especially if you had an experience that fits the notion.

If someone let you down after you were kind, for instance, you may associate being pleasant with being mistreated. If you are nice, though, you have plenty of strengths that not-so-nice folks lack.


Fun Dance Styles That Help You Lose Weight and Boost Your Mood

Get your dance on
If one of your wellness goals is to lose weight, you wouldn’t be alone. But let’s be honest, hitting the gym on a regular basis can become boring and mundane.

Moreover, you can do hundreds of crunches a day and still not lose much weight around your mid-section. Most abdominal exercises strengthen the underlying muscles of your core but do very little to get rid of the subcutaneous fat on top.


How to Have Sweet Dreams

Do you enjoy your dreams?
Are your dreams full of magical forests, flowing rivers and majestic mountains? No? Well, it's not surprising the content of your night-time imaginings aren't always beautiful and cute. Studies show, among other reasons, you sleep in order to process information gained during the day.


3 Reasons Your Life Will Improve By Developing a Generosity Mindset

Improve your life through generosity
Don't you just love people who are generous? Not because they give you things, but because they exude warmth. There's something about them you can't quite put your finger on that makes you want to be in their company.

Maybe it's their genuine nature or joyful presence. You might not realize that people with a generosity mindset benefit from being givers. Their benevolence makes them as happy as it makes the receivers of their time, effort, and the other resources they freely share.


5 Things That Kill Your Motivation

Do you do these things? Here's how to create positive change
Are you highly motivated? Or do you often feel less than enthusiastic about life? Maybe you encounter momentary zeal and flashes of inspiration that fade fast. If you want to ignite your appetite for living, and make it last, check that you don't carry out these motivation-killing behaviors.