Gratitude: 25 Things to Be Grateful for Right Now!

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”
- Buddah
Gratitude should be something we focus on in every moment of everyday. Taking this approach allows us to appreciate what is going on right in our lives as opposed to what is going wrong.

For many years, I have practiced the living principle of finding the good in my day. This means actively deciding to look for something positive and then recording that something down on paper as part of a personal gratitude journal.

Remember, we can never take anything for granted. All that we have is a gift. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We only have today, meaning this very moment.

Becoming more aware of the positive things occurring in our lives can take some work because it requires that we make the conscious choice of changing our thinking, which starts with our self-narrative.


First Dates: Are You Scaring them Away?

Don't Scare Away Your Dates!

There’s nothing worse than going out on a first date and thinking everything went well, only to later discover that the person you liked is no longer is interested. To be sure, there are times when two people don’t “click” for a variety of reasons, such as having different backgrounds or tastes.

If however you have detected a pattern where first dates rarely turn into second ones, it might be helpful for you to look in the mirror and ask the question:

Am I scaring away my first dates? 


Reinventing Tom Welling

Reinventing Yourself with Tom Welling as a Blueprint
Tom Welling is one of my favorite male celebs. He is funny, smart and charming – all wrapped up into one. Best known for his role as Clark Kent on the CW’s Smallville, this former Abercrombie and Fitch model turned actor became an instant hit with audiences worldwide when he decided to take on the role of a teen-version of Superman.

Now in his late 30’s and his Metropolis days behind him, Tom Welling is undergoing a bit of a personal reinvention, attempting to move beyond the red silk cape and create a pathway to a new future.

But can he really reinvent himself after Superman?


Zac Efron is More than a Shirtless Hunk

Five Life Lessons from Zac Efron
Zac Efron is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. If he’s not appearing in the latest edition of GQ, he’s showing off his six-pack abs on T.V.

Followers seem to want to know everything about him, like who Efron is dating, what’s his next movie role might be what he looks like shirtless.

When you examine the large body of work this young, attractive California born actor has amassed in just a few short years, it’s hard not to be impressed by his accomplishments.

Efron has won more awards before reaching the age of 30 than many celebrities obtain in a lifetime. In 2014, he even won the MTV Movie award for Best Shirtless Actor. But is there more to Zac Efron than his body?

What life lessons can we learn from him?


Adam Levine is Packing Major Life Lessons

Adam Levine: Five Life Lessons
The Adam Levine engagement period is over. The mega-watt celebrity officially tied the knot on July 19th, 2014 in Cabo San Lucas Mexico to Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, interest in Levine and his fiancé reached a fevered pitch.

Many fans of the star wondered if the engagement was really going to happen, given Adam Levine’s infamous relationships with women.


Chris Pine Has a Secret


5 Life Lessons from Chris Pine

Chris Pine is one of the fastest rising stars in Hollywood and it seems folks want to know everything about him. Fans are curious about who Pine is dating, what he looks like shirtless and if those aqua blue eyes are real!

This undeniably handsome male actor has moved at warp speed to mega-watt celebrity status in what seems like a nanosecond. If he isn't staring in a new movie, he’s covering GQ. Was it all because of Star Trek or is something else going on?

What is Pine’s secret to success? What can we learn?

Personal Goals

Treat Depression Naturally with Strength Training

Progressive Resistance Training is an Effective Mood Lifter
You probably already knew that exercise was an effective way to fight back against moderate depression. But did you know that strength training can help to ameliorate and even lessen a case of the blues over the long term?

I am not just saying this as some kind of theoretical construct or because I love hitting the weights – I’m saying it because according to scientific research, it’s for real!


Mass Grief and Public Traumas

In recent days, we have been reminded once again just how fragile life truly can be with the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. While details and specifics about what exactly happened are still emerging, one thing is for sure – the incident has touched off a wave of public emotions ranging from shock, to outrage to deep, raw grief.
As a therapist, I have some experience with death and loss in the work I do with clients, including first responders, military veterans and the survivors of horrific accidents. I’ve also tried to provide some insight and understanding into what people may be feeling during periods of mass grief.
And so mass grief is what I would like to focus on for this blog-post in the context of public tragedy.

Professional Goals

Five Stress Management Tips for Adult College Students

One of the biggest challenges I have seen as university professor and counselor relates to time management skills and adult learners. Many of the students and clients that I work with can be classified as "mid-career" professionals, which is a 25 cent term for folks who have reached a certain age in life where they are no longer in the “20-something” crowd but also not in their fifties.

Demographically speaking, one could say that I am considered part of this group.

Welcome to Reaching Life Goals

We all could use some help in reaching our life goals. Wouldn't it be nice to get some guidance and tips on how to attain our personal and professional goals from an expert?

Well, you're in luck!

That's why I'm pleased to introduce, Reaching Life Goals...