Adrian Peterson NFL Scandal: Culture is No Excuse for Beating on a Child

Issues involving domestic violence with some NFL players have cropped up in the news recently, exposing a number of behaviors that can only be described as disturbing.

One story that has particularly caught the public’s attention involves Adrian Peterson, who until now had been a star player with the Minnesota Vikings.

As many readers of this blog are aware, Peterson has been formally charged by Texas prosecutors with child abuse.


Men with Tattoos: Why Do Women Dig Them?

Men with cool tattoos seem to be a major turn on for a lot of women – at least that is what a female friend of mine shared over a cup of coffee a few weeks ago.  According to her, men with tattoos were more fun, more masculine and generally speaking, more erotic.

She even claimed that some guys who had the right build and set of tats put out a "super hot" bad boy vibe


7 Mindfulness Tips from Your Dog

Mindful lessons from your dog
Until you've been greeted by a slobbery, smooching, cold nosed, tail wagging dog, you haven't experienced the purity of unconditional love. Talk about being mindful – these furry creatures are the epitome of living in the here and now!


Do You Have a Spirit Animal?

Recently, I was inspired to pen an article that explored the topic: What is my spirit animal? The desire to write this piece came to me after speaking with a friend of mine, Ben, who is a member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians.

According to Ben, several Native Indian tribes hold the belief in spirit animals. The long and the short of the belief is that a higher power (a creator) makes these animals available to people as a way of communicating important life lessons.


Colin Kaepernick: The Parts You Might Be Missing

Colin Kaepernick is one of the most refreshing people to hit the NFL in some time. The gifted San Francisco 49ers Quarterback popped up on the radar of many after his famous GQ Magazine spread in September of 2013.

You may recall this was the edition where Kaepernick appeared shirtless, all inked up with bulging muscles to boot!


Do Empaths Really Exist?

Empaths - a Closer Look
Recently, a friend of mine who is a psychologist shared with me during a conversation about career counseling that she has the ability to sense the emotions of others.

At first, I thought she was talking about the construct of empathy, an ability most helping professionals seem to (or at least should) possess.

As our conversation continued however, it became clear to me that she was talking about something completely different. Specifically, she identified herself as an empath.

I had always thought of this particular label as the stuff of science fiction – you know what I am talking about – characters like Counselor Troy on Star Trek from the planet Betazoid or magical fairies from True Blood.


Paul Walker: Foretelling Photo Emerges Before Birthday

I’m a huge fan of Paul Walker and was pretty upset when news broke last November that he died. I had followed his career almost from the very beginning and have read or reviewed every interview he has ever given.

In advance of what would have been his 41st birthday this September 12, I penned a background piece on the star, designed to explore who Walker was as a person, beyond the legend and myth and far away from the glitz and glamour of his Hollywood celebrity.

My hope was to get something published before the crush of media coverage that will likely happen in the weeks to come.


Mindfulness for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has got to be one of the most miserable disorders a person can have. I should know because I have it. If you have IBS, you know exactly what I am talking about. The constant tummy churning, the non-stop gas and unsightly bloating is enough to send any sufferer running for the hills!

Let’s be honest – when IBS comes a knock’n, the party’s over. This means canceling dates, rescheduling dinner plans and for many folks, avoiding intimacy.

Who really wants to shag when you’re blow’n up like a Macy’s Day float?


The Comedic Mask of Depression

The tragic death of mega-watt celebrity Robin Williams has sent shock waves around the world. Suddenly, a bright spotlight is being shown on the topic of depression, revealing a truer, perhaps more disturbing reality of an insidious mental health problem that is not often discussed and widely misunderstood.

As the public continues to process the magnitude of this loss, we need to remember that Williams was not the first comedian to struggle with a mood disorder or an addiction. In fact, when we look back, there have been several in Hollywood who have appeared to be outwardly funny, but all the while, hidden from us, deeply sad inside.