2 thoughts on “7 Signs You’re Having an Emotional Affair with a “Work Spouse”

  • May 4, 2018 at 5:25 am

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  • November 14, 2018 at 11:20 am

    My husband had an emotional affair with a woman who worked for him several years until he retired and then she retired. Their affair continued and became more intimate as the years went by — nearly 15 years! During those same years, he went for massages at parlors and even to at least 8 homes where he had massages with “happy endings.” In addition, he contacted a woman he recalled from 7th grade and convinced her to go on at least one trip with him to Europe for a week. He continued to keep in touch with her for years also.

    I was clueless about his extreme involvement with these women. I discovered his main “love” (whom he called “a good friend”) when I accidentally saw her as his “favorite” on his phone and later found e-mails and chats on my computer, which he sometimes used. He downplayed everything, and we are still together and never separated. It’s been 2 1/2 years since I first noticed a troubling text message and first confronted him with my fears. Now he is sweet and loving and totally supportive. I need him to stay with me because I have a degenerative illness and am getting worse. Eventually , if I live long enough, I’ll be bedridden. We’ve been married for 50 years, and I don’t think I could live alone.

    I love him and know that he’s sorry that he did things that were incredibly upsetting to me, but that he did not (and still does not) consider to be “wrong.” He totally refuses to go to a therapist (says his “friend” was like an excellent therapist), and although he’s admitted to each of his “adventures,” he volunteers nothing about what happened unless he senses that I already know the answer to any question I pose.

    I’ve confided only to our daughter and one friend who guessed what had been going on. He has said that I won’t be happy until he admits to things that never happened. By this, I believe he’s referring to sexual intercourse, which, I think, he managed to avoid although at one point he did say that he’d almost gone ahead but his friend began to cry and he backed off. If all his activities had begun after my health began to fail, I’d feel as though there was a sort of reason or excuse for his behavior. However, I was fine when this all began. Ironically, his friend was diagnosed with the same illness 4 years after I was! She’s married with two grown kids and a husband who is oblivious.

    My main problem now is my inability to trust him and his complete lack of interest in answering my questions about what was happening during all those years. Whenever I try to talk about anything related to his affair and other activities, he gets upset and threatens to commit suicide or to leave me because that would be “better” for me, he insists. He says if I were to tell our other children he’d slit his wrists. SO I am stuck, unable to be open with him about how I feel and unable to ask him basic questions about his behavior. He would be perfectly content if I NEVER mentioned any of this again. I’ve tried writing to him, and he insists that I am making him feel so badly that he can hardly stand to live. He’s proposed that there are people who take on the role of “victim” to gain power. I am left feeling guilty and completely lost with nowhere to turn. In every other area of his life, he’s careful, attentive, accomplished, kind, understanding, well liked, concerned, trustworthy, etc. Yet I have a list of questions that I’m afraid to give to him.


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