2 thoughts on “10 Signs the Man You’re Dating is a Psychopath

  • September 16, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    There are just as many female psychopaths as male, it’s just that female psychopaths are better at conning and manipulation and therefore they are better at fooling the male dominated research field. (The same male dominated medical research field that up until the 1960’s was CONVINCED that morning sickness was psychosomatic because we women were just so excited to become mothers! And, “hysteria” was a common APA term up until the 1950’s and still frequently colloquially used today.) As a female being revenge stalked by a female psychopath; her deceitfulness, conning and manipulation skills coupled with her complete lack of conscience or boundaries as well as her masterful ability to fool the public makes most of the male psychopaths of lore look like woeful amateurs in comparison.

    As a business professional with a psychology degree, once I realized I was dealing with a person who displayed many of the common behaviors associated with a high functioning psychopath, as well a lesser known physical trait of having a poor sense of smell, I began reading as many books and studies as I can find to better understand what I was dealing with. I even reached out to a local researcher who’s been studying this aberrant behavior for 20+ years and she said in her research (as well as she’s heard from other researchers) that there are just as many women as men, but women psychopaths are better able to fool the male doctors who interview them. When the male researcher asks the female about their children, the psychopathic woman will cry and say how much she loves and misses her kids; and the male doctor will generally attribute that as a sign of emotional attachment to her kids. When a female doctor interviews a suspected psychopath and asks about her children, and the woman cries and says how much she loves and misses her children, the female researcher will then probe some more and ask “Well, when are you children’s birthdays?” or other more specific questions about the children which start to trip up the psychopath thus contradicting the initial “waaahh, I love and miss my kids” act.

    It’s a timeless tale, but “tits and tears” tend to trip up the human male…especially since many of the male “pioneers” in psychopathy research are also of the generations of males that were socialized that it was not socially acceptable to be emotional and cry; so all the woman has to do it turn on the waterworks and ‘presto’ she’s makes the male uncomfortable and he assumes her ‘crying must be emotional’ and therefore she CAN’T be a psychopath. He’s the big strong smart doctor and she’s just a hurt little girl who just didn’t have a good daddy figure as he readily believes the tales of some horrific abusive past that may or may not have any truth to it; which is ALL part of the manipulation. Men seem to have been tricked into believing the whole “she’s a woman and women are more nurturing and love their children, right?” Wrong! Children who are killed by a parent are more often killed by their mother than father. And, even though those stats are out there…the belief that woman are more inherently nurturing and compassionate than men is still commonplace; which in itself is debatable. When I objectively look at all of the people I know with children, I would say it’s almost an even 50/50 split between male and female to who’s truly the more nurturing parent. (Blasphemy, I know…I admitted that there are many men out there who appear to be inherently more kind and caring than women.)

    It’s interesting, if you read comments made by psychopaths who anonymously post online, some of them admit to practicing crying on demand from a young age since they learned it was a helpful tool to manipulate a situation in order to get what they want or out of trouble. I know if a researcher reads this they would say “that’s not valid, the person could just be making it up online”…which is true; but personally, I tend to think a psychopath would be more truthful (if that’s even possible) in an anonymous forum then in person to a professional who’s judging their behavior. Especially since fooling the educated professional is an enticing con all in itself. (My stalker loves to go on sites like this one and PsychopathFree try to comment as a neurotpyical victim of a psychopath – which she can’t do all that well as her word choice tends to give her away.)

    However, until we get better standardized techniques for assessing psychopathy that measure the physical brain differences that can’t be as easily emotionally manipulated as humans can be in conversation; as well as an updated checklist since the current one was derived from solely studying the “unsuccessful” criminal MALE psychopaths in prison – we will never have a real understanding of the prevalence of this condition that causes so much destruction and pain in this world. I can tell the female psychopath I am dealing with has read all of the studies as her public persona is the often the antithesis of these highly touted lists; and only rarely does the mask slip when she doesn’t seem to understand sarcasm or an animal suddenly dies/disappears and she reacts in emotionally inappropriately which can either be flat or overboard. Of course no one notices and her antisocial behavior is written off as her just being a mercurial and dramatic female.

    Hopefully someday the male dominated medical research will realize they’re being played by female psychopaths (which they probably won’t because their own ego has to admit a female outwitted them) and stop perpetuating the falsity that there are far fewer female psychopaths then male. Because it’s really hard for us victims to find anyone who believes us since they’re supposedly so few of them. Just like men are more prone to color blindness, men also seem to be prone to female psychopath blindness. This is truly a case where the advice “look, her eyes are up there” is needed because underneath the crocodile tears, it’s their eyes that can sometimes help give them away. 🙂 (As well if we truly had an understanding of the differences of how male and female psychopathy present.)

  • September 26, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Everyone who’s using dating sites have experienced something like this. So many different types of people in this world! I’m using partyline.com and really I am having fun. And of course I’ve bumped on someone who I can tell is psychopath or looks like that. My advice is when you find out that.. switch to another person, disconnect, don’t ever talk to that person, just run! No one have that much energy for those people. Unless you are willing to help them in some way.


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