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Are you a fan of Ryan Phillippe? I am. As an actor, he’s been in the public eye for nearly 25-years, appearing on various television programs and in movies.

Currently, Phillippe is the star of USA’s Shooter; an action-packed series where he plays the part of a retired veteran coaxed back to work so that he can save the lives of others.

I’m the first to admit the show is high on testosterone and violence. Still, I kind of dig it because the plot is always changing. But that’s not what this post is really about.

Instead, I’d like to briefly focus your awareness on a recent disclosure Phillippe made about his battle with depression; something men almost never talk about [see post about men and depression].

Here’s what he shared in an interview:

“I believe that depression and mood disorders are on a spectrum akin to the way autism is, where it’s an individual experience.

I think people fear being stigmatized or treated in a blanket fashion, which is sometimes the response to someone who says, ‘I struggle with depression.’

But really, depression could manifest in a thousand different ways depending on who it is. I don’t think there’s any reason not to talk about it.

We can help each other cope and give tools that we learn along the way.”


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As part of his approach to health, Phillippe also disclosed that he struggles with patience. To cope, he uses mindful techniques, including self-compassion.

“I talk to myself quite often. I’m constantly talking things through in my head. I took a trip to Thailand, and I had such an amazing experience.

Since then, I’ve been reading a ton of Eastern philosophy about giving up some of the superficial things we’re attached to, which I’m trying to do.

I also have issues with patience and depression, and I’m thinking about how to focus and steady myself and be kinder and better.”

What’s impressive is that Phillippe, whose role on Shooter is anything but touchy-feely, has no problem being transparent about his mental health challenges.

In many ways, the actor serves as a positive role model to people everywhere (particularly men) about the importance of self-care. Moreover, he shines a light on how mindfulness can support whole person wellness.

In my book, that’s pretty cool.

h/t: US Magazine

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