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7 Mindful Ways To Stay In Touch with Your Partner During a Busy Week

how to stay in touch with partner busy weekAre you concerned that your work life is taking too much time away from your relationship? Have you ever felt like the person you are dating is a complete stranger? Does it sometimes seem like you are married in name only?

Let’s face it – we live in a busy and hectic world. Job related travel, non-stop meetings and never ending family obligations are just some of the reasons many couples struggle with healthy communications and by extension, intimacy. Over the course of time, this lack of intimacy can take a real toll on your relationship. In fact, poor communications is one of the primary reasons couples end up splitting up.

It’s easy to sometimes take our relationships for granted, particularly if we have been with someone for a long time. What follows are 7 mindful ways to stay in touch with your partner during a busy week. The suggestions made here are designed to fortify the connection with your partner while communicating the important message: I love you.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

1) Create a 1 minute video message

This tip is very simple. Pull out your smartphone and find a quiet place where you can record a 1 minute video that lets your partner know you are thinking about them. Don’t script it and don’t make it fancy. Simply speak into the camera and communicate what you feel. When you are done – hit send. Not too bad, huh?

2) Leave a love note on the table

All you need is a piece of notebook paper and a pen. Before you leave your house for the day, jot down a few sentences that lets your mate know they matter. “Hey doll – I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you look when you are asleep” is an example. If you want to draw a cute picture to help illustrate what you are feeling, even better. Simple gestures like this can pack a powerful, intimate punch.

3) Make a quick-fast breakfast

This tip is less complicated than you might think. Grab an empty coffee cup and leave it next to a brewed pot of java. On the cup, leave a note that tells your mate to open the refrigerator. Inside, they will find what you have made for them! This can be something as basic as a spoon on top of a yogurt cup or a bowl of dry cereal next to a bottle of milk. Again – simple gestures like this let your partner know you care.

4) Send a quick check-in text

Do you have 5 minutes in between meetings? Are you getting ready to board a flight? Why not use this time to send a super-fast but meaningful text that lets your mate know you love them? Even something as simple as, “Hey sugar … I miss you like crazy … call you tonight!” can communicate to the person you love that they matter. Using “I statements” is a powerful way to inform them of your feelings.

5) Order dinner from remote

Will you be missing dinner because of meeting or travel? Why not send an email to your mate and let them know you will be taking care of dinner for them? After you send them an electronic note that says something like, “I’ve got dinner tonight babe”, pick up the phone and call the restaurant of their choice and have their meal delivered. Make sure you include a gratuity under this point so your partner doesn’t have to tip!

6) Plan a vacation virtually

Sending a thoughtful email is always a good approach to staying in touch with your mate. Your electronic correspondence, however, will be much more meaningful if it contains a goal for the future. An effective way of doing this is to send something that offers a short list of potential vacation destinations.  Ask your partner to add to the list so if feels interactive. The idea under this point is to focus on the future using a “together” theme.

7) Get your dog involved

Does your mate normally walk the dog in the morning? Why not change things up and do this for them? Just awake a few minutes early. Afterwards, pin a cute note to your fur-baby’s collar that reads, “Daddy walked me already” or “Mommy took me out”. Again, it’s the little things that count. Don’t forget to pen I love you somewhere! You can combine this tip with point number 3 so that your efforts act as a romantic twofer. FYI: Dogs are the ultimate mindful messengers!

Summing Things Up

So there you have it – 7 mindful ways to stay in touch with your partner during a busy week. Hopefully, you can use some of the items I’ve suggested here to generate ideas.

Question: How do you stay in touch with your partner?

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7 Mindful Ways To Stay In Touch with Your Partner During a Busy Week

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