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5 Mindful Ways to Invite Good Karma Into Your Life!

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Do you subscribe to the belief that positive energy is a very real thing? Are you looking for ways to invite good karma into your life?  If so, you are not alone.

Millions of people around the world practice various forms of psycho-spiritualism and hold the universal thought that happiness is a state of being.

I have written about ways to choose happiness in the past and the importance of accepting the different aspects of who we are with an open and loving heart.

The primary mission of Reaching Life Goals is to help you live your life to the fullest, using the construct of mindfulness based living as a beacon of light.

To build upon this theme, I interviewed a number of therapists who help clients with issues like depression and anxiety, using elements from mindfulness as part of the dynamic.

What follows are five ways you can invite good karma towards your direction that are simple in nature and won’t cost you a dime.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

1. Have compassion for yourself

According to psychotherapist Bill Ferrand, it is important to practice the art of self-forgiveness. This means acknowledging our past mistakes but not beating ourselves up. By taking this approach, we quickly dissolve negative energy that acts as a barrier towards positive change. All of us are human and none of us are perfect. Accept whatever lessons there are to be learned from your mistakes and move on. Remember the past cannot hurt you – unless you let it.

2. Set healthy boundaries

Dr. Tyler Fortman is a therapist that works with young adults who are just starting out in life. He believes that setting healthy boundaries around different activities is the ultimate way to demonstrate self-care. This in turn sends a message to the universe that says, “I care about myself enough to not inflict harm by doing too much, too fast.” Boundary setting allows room for the good things in life, which is karma’s way of letting you know it exists.

3. Own your issues

Therapist Alexandra DeWoskin encourages clients to own their issues and not shy away from them. This means taking responsibility for the chaos we can sometimes create. By recognizing our self-destructive patterns, we take remove their toxic powers. Good karma is attracted to mature souls who have the ability to stand in their truth.

4. Believe you are worthy of happiness

Counselor and coach, Costa Provis regularly encourages clients to believe they are truly worthy of happiness. One of the biggest barriers to good karma is negative self-talk. An offshoot of goodness is happiness. When we trust in the universe that we are capable of receiving and giving love, we invite the positive things such as wellness and prosperity.

5. Embrace gratitude

This final point will come as no surprise to you. According to Counselor Deb Klecha, the act of embracing gratitude invites cosmic waves of positive energy! When we focus on all that we have and the gifts we possess, we use a strength based approach to wellness. This means that we are able to give to another with all of our heart and not have expectations in return. Over the course of time, our empathic skills improve, fortified by good karma’s wisdom.

Final Thoughts

Many celebrities practice various forms of mindfulness, including folks like Jared Leto and Chris Evans. Even now deceased Paul Walker had some mindful tips for us to think about.

Good karma isn’t the stuff of new age hipsters. It’s a very real thing. If you want to invite more positive energy towards your direction, I encourage you to give a few of the previously mentioned suggestions a try.

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Peace out!

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5 Mindful Ways to Invite Good Karma Into Your Life!

John D. Moore, PhD

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