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Shemar Moore: 5 Life Lessons from a Likeable Actor

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Shemar Moore is one of the most popular actors on network television with a legion of fans around the world. His followers want to know everything about him, including what shows he will be on, who he’s been dating and how he keeps himself in such incredible shape.

Ever since his television debut back in 1994 as Malcom Winters on CBS’s Young and the Restless, Moore has experienced an impressive rise to fame. He was the popular host of Soul Train from 1999-2003 and in

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Credit: CBS

2005, gained major celebrity status in his role as agent Derek Morgan, an FBI profiler on the hit CBS television show, Criminal Minds.

With a new movie set for release in 2015 called The Bounce Back, it seems there is just no stopping this actor from reaching his life goals.

So what can we learn from this actor?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that from time to time I will write about different celebrities.

It is my belief that by studying the lives of various actors, we can gain useful insight into how they reached a place of success.

In the case of Shemar Moore, we see a story that is quite remarkable. He wasn’t born into money or fame like so many celebs we see today.

Instead, this model turned actor worked his butt off from a very young age in order to become today the person he is today.

What follows are five life lessons I have extracted from Shemar Moore’s biography that you may find useful in reaching your life goals.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

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1. Use your assets

Born in Oakland, California in 1970, Moore came from middle class beginnings. He spent part of his childhood in Denmark with his mother, who at the time was a school teacher.

There would also be early years spent in Boston – a town that the star holds close to his heart.

He earned partial sports scholarship to attend college but to meet tuition obligations, he modeled on the side. Many do not know this but Shemar Moore was essentially raised by his mom.

“I’m raised by a single mom and didn’t have pops around for the most part of my life. And she, [mom] by any means necessary, gave me the best opportunities that she knew how to give me,” said Moore in an Entertainment Tonight piece.

He graduated from Santa Clarita University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Fun fact: According to a 2007 interview appearing in, Moore was actually drafted to play for the Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Oriels. Those dreams were cut short by nagging tendinitis in his arm and leg.

Life Lesson #1: Use your full array of assets and don’t hang your hopes on just one thing. Life doesn’t always turn out the way you might think.

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Credit: Pinterest

2. Adapt to technology

Did you know that at one time, Shemar Moore wasn’t a fan of social media? It’s true!

According to an interview he gave with Essence Magazine, he shared the following: “I was anti-social media for so long. I had a website years and years ago, and as far as I know, I was a little bit ahead of my

time. It was so hard to maintain and a lot of work, so that stopped.”

Recognizing his growing popularity among fans, Moore decided to launch in 2013 as a way of reaching out to fans. He also uses his website to help shine a spotlight on multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.

For Moore, the cause is personal. His mother was diagnosed with MS back in 1998. Since that time, he has helped to generate millions in creating awareness around the disorder.

Shemar’s website gets thousands of visitors per month, replete with a blog and a complete hookup to social media. If you have time, be sure to check it out.

Life Lesson #2: Adapt to the times and use technology to your advantage. Doing so not only raises your personal star but also increases awareness around issues you care about.

3. Tune out the drama

Credit: Mail Online
Credit: Mail Online

One of the major life lessons we can learn from Shemar Moore is his ability to tune out the negativity and keep people guessing. Over the years, there has been much speculation about who the man is dating.

By his own admission, he had a “Hollywood relationship” with Toni Braxton, according to a 2013 interview appearing on BET Online.

For a short while, he dated Halle Berry but had to keep the relationship under wraps because of her recent divorce at the time from David Justice.

Rumors continue to circulate about his dating life. As with any celeb, the gossip runs the gambit; ranging from bogus whispers about an alleged “weekend marriage” to ongoing speculation about his sexual orientation.

Moore, being the smart actor that he is, has made the conscious choice to tune out the chit chat and instead, focus on his career.

Back in 2007, several revealing photos popped up of the star on the beach. Rather than sic a bunch of PR people on the media to deal with the scandal, the actor decided to neutralize the issue head on.

Life Lesson #3: You know you have reached a place of success in life when people start gossiping about you. Like the old saying goes – don’t worry about when people talk about you. Worry about it when they don’t!



4. Expand your knowledge

While most of us think of Shemar Moore as “the actor” but few know that the star is also a producer. In a new independent flick coming out next year, Moore raised over half a million dollars to make the movie a reality.

“Without sounding corny, it’s kind of a dream come true. Wearing an executive producer hat, I’ve gotten a firsthand look at how hard it is to get a movie made” said Moore in recent interview featured on  FYI: The star will also appear in the movie in the role of Matthew Taylor.

Life Lesson #4: To be successful, you need to step outside of your comfort zone, take risks and work for your dreams.

5. Remember who brought you to the dance

Credit: CBS Television
Credit: CBS Television

Most all of the first-hand accounts of people who have interacted with Shemar Moore suggest the star is down to earth and “real”. This fact suggests that he hasn’t forgotten who he is, where he came from or how he got there.

Appreciating all that his time on Young and the Restless did for his career, the star has recently been making guest appearances on the show after a 10-year absence. Many celebrities run from parts they played earlier in life, particularly when they make it bigtime.

In the case of Shemar Moore however, the actor understands that it is important to remember who (at least in part) who brought him to the dance!

Life Lesson #5: Remember the people from your past. Don’t give folks a reason to think you are a narcissist. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Final Thoughts

Shemar Moore is an actor that’s easy to like. While his handsome good looks have certainly helped him gain much fortune and fame, it is his essence that truly connects with audiences. And you know what? That’s just not something you can fake.

With a promising road ahead, the 44-year old actor is a star to keep an eye on – and learn from.

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Shemar Moore: 5 Life Lessons from a Likeable Actor

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