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Channing Tatum and Wife offer 5 Relationship Lessons!

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Channing Tatum is one of the most widely recognized actors on the planet. Chances are you have seen him in movies like Magic Mike and 21 Jump Street. But is there more to this man than just his looks?

Born in the tiny town of Cullman, Alabama in 1980, this former stripper turned model and actor has skyrocketed to mega-watt celebrity status ever since his 2006 breakout role as Tyler Gage in the flick Step Up.

The story of Channing Tatum is impressive, if not inspirational. He made a series of smart decisions early in his life and took risks along the way – all of which helped him reach a place of monumental success in the here and now.

As many readers of this blog know, I like to write about various celebrities and their relationships from time to time. In doing so, my hope is to impart nuggets of insight that you can use to reach important life goals.

Previous celeb examples include actors like Chris Pine, Paul Walker and NFL Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick.

Are you ready for some new lessons by way of Hollywood? OK then – let’s jump right in!

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Channing, Jenna and Everly

Channing Tatum and Jenna: Busy People! 

The interesting thing about Channing Tatum is how he has been able to wear so many different hats at once! You see not only does he have his hands full with movie roles well into the future, he’s also a fairly new dad!

Married in 2009 to the beautiful actress Jenna Dewan, the two had their first child, Everly, in May of 2013.

And it should be noted here that for her part, Jenna is an accomplished star in her own right. Like her husband, she too has a full plate of acting work.

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What’s their Secret?

So how do they do it? Wow does a busy couple like the Tatum’s balance work, love and parenting all at once without coming apart at the seams? What life lessons can be learned from this couple that we can apply to our own relationships?

What follows are 5 take-aways that I have extracted from observation that I hope you find useful!

1. Be willing to make sacrifices

Channing Tatum is a self-admitted former party boy. In a May interview appearing in GQ Magazine, the star acknowledged that he had to cut back big time on his drinking ever since the birth of his daughter.channing tatum wife jenna

He has also vowed not to drink any alcohol during the filming of Magic Mike XXL. The lesson here is simple.

Part of being in a successful relationship with someone means being willing to make sacrifices. This means sometimes you have to give things up – and grow up.

2. Roll with it

Many new couples (particularly in Hollywood) experience the negativity of rumor-mongering. Typical lines of gossip include unfounded chit-chat about infidelity and other relationship killing behaviors.channing tatum jenna

Channing Tatum for example has had a number of bisexual rumors swirling about him for some time now. Much of the whispering has to do the run up to Magic Mike XXL.

We saw something similar during the days leading up to 22-Jump Street. It’s part of the PR effort. Rather than play rumor game, the star couple has used gossip to their advantage. In Hollywood, any press (for the most part) is good press!

Do you let gossip about your relationship aggravate you or can you roll with it like Channing and Jenna?

3. Keep the cute alivechanning and jenna

Did you know that Jenna covers her husband’s eyes whenever she appears in an intimate scene on Witches of East End? Yep, yep! And Channing does the same thing to Jenna when he is in a scene involving intimacy with another woman.

Come on, you have to admit that is pretty cute! Perhaps keeping the cute alive in a relationship is part of what keeps things interesting and fresh?

4. Be silly and romantic

Did you know Channing and Jenna have dance battles? They do! In an interview given to Redbook Magazine, the star shared that he and his wife dance it out as part of their baby diaper channing tatum jenna dancingchanging routine!

“Dance battles do sort of happen, to be honest. When we wake up in the morning, we put on music, and while Everly’s eating, we dance and it just starts to get stupid.”

How cool is that? The couple has seriously learned how to make one of the nastiest parenting jobs on planet earth fun! They have also learned how to keep romance alive.

5. Remember that first kiss

One reason couples find themselves falling out of love is because they forget why they joined together in the first place. Not so for Channing and Jenna!channing tatum kissing jenna

The two originally met back when filming Step Up in 2006 and shared a kiss together as part of a scene.

And guess what …they still reminisce about that special moment 9-years later. That kiss is symbolic of the reasons they connected in the first place. The two apparently had a major spark!

Do you remember the reasons you were attracted to your mate? If so, how can you mindfully use these memories to help your relationship?

Bonus Lesson: Did you know Channing Tatum has acknowledged he has struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder and Dyslexia? It’s true!

He is not ashamed of this and in fact has learned to embrace these issues as part of his reality. There is a BUNCH that can be learned here for sure – don’t ya think?


Relationships take time, focus and commitment in order to be a success. None of these things are easy to do, particularly when people are busy working while also trying to care for a baby.hollywood star

Channing and Jenna so far seem to have made it all work. That is something for all of us to celebrate – and learn from!

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Channing Tatum and Wife offer 5 Relationship Lessons!

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