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25 Affirmations for Confidence We Should Say Each Day!


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Have you ever looked in the mirror and played an ugly mental narrative? You know – that negative tape that imparts nasty messages about yourself and says things like: “You look terrible!” OR “You look fat!” OR “God … you look old!”

Sound familiar? 

Mirror Work

If so, I encourage you to give serious thought to changing your mental tape. It is important to bear in mind that when you adjust your inner dialogue, it needs to happen on the conscious and subconscious level for meaningful change to take place.

This can be accomplished by using positive affirmations in front of the mirror. Yep, you heard me right, a mirror! By establishing a visual and psychological connection with yourself in front of the mirror, you are creating greater awareness around your thoughts. At its core, we are talking about mindfulness.  Sound silly? Maybe! Before you discount this, perhaps you should listen to your dog.

New Messages

The new messages that you will say to yourself in front of the mirror are designed to penetrate deep into the psyche – past the reinforced wall of negativity that has been cutting you off from self-love for so many years. You see, once you believe that you are truly worthy of happiness, you begin the mindful process of attracting positive things into your life!

I won’t lie. Mirror work takes time and can be an exercise in humility. This is perfectly normal however, and is part of your journey to greater self-confidence. So how about it? What if you tried to repeat these 25 affirmations to yourself each day while staring at your reflection? What if you trusted in the universe that something good will happen?

Let’s jump right in!

25 Affirmations for Confidence 

1. I am worthy of happiness

2. I am worthy of love

3. I am choosing inner peace over internal conflict

4. I believe in my skills and abilities

5. I make sound decisions

6. Life is a gift I choose to fill with joy

7. I have the knowledge to succeed

8. I do not need someone to feel complete

9 I treasure my imperfections

10. I am grateful to not be perfect

11. Every fiber of my being radiates positive energy

12 I am not a victim of my circumstances

13. I have the ability to grow and change

14. Every moment I am here is a gift

15. Because I believe in myself, so will others

16. I attract only healthy relationships

17. I am releasing negative thoughts

18. I trust in my abilities to love

19. I am not damaged or “sick”

20. I love that I am unique

21. I can do healthy things for myself

22. I am worthy of joy

23. I am worthy of love

24. I attract harmony and peace

25. I am a vessel of happiness



Self-Confidence Summary

Women and men struggle with self-confidence from time to time. In my experience, men tend to play the never ending game of comparing personal accomplishments while women fall into the trap of playing the game of comparisons.

Regardless of gender, it is important to recognize that whenever you “play the game” … you are setting yourself up for emotional pain. You also unknowingly reinforce those negative messages.

What if you chose not to play those games at all?



So there you have it – 25 affirmations for confidence we should say each day. What can you add to this list? Don’t forget to use your mirror!

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25 Affirmations for Confidence We Should Say Each Day!

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