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Paul Walker: Foretelling Photo Emerges Before Birthday

Paul Walker

I’m a huge fan of Paul Walker and was pretty upset when news broke last November that he died. I had followed his career almost from the very beginning and have read or reviewed every interview he has ever given.

In advance of what would have been his 41st birthday this September 12, I penned a background piece on the star, designed to explore who Walker was as a person, beyond the legend and myth and far away from the glitz and glamour of his Hollywood celebrity.

My hope was to get something published before the crush of media coverage that will likely happen in the weeks to come.

Part of my research process, which I have been working on for months, involved sifting through public interviews, news stories and first hand, interactive accounts offered by fans of the star.

The material I uncovered about Walker was fascinating, including the fact that for a brief period of his life, he was homeless.

I also learned that Walker had almost died once before in a motor cycle accident, just a few years before his passing.

Finally, I discovered that his love of marine life was not just the stuff of puffery but instead, 100% genuine and real.

Foretelling or Coincidence?

Perhaps most interesting is a fan post I came across on Reddit, buried in a sea if discussions.

It was submitted by a guy who told the story of how he and his wife met Paul Walker in September of 2013 – around 2 months before the star passed away in that horrible crash on November 30th in Santa Clarita, California.

paul walker foretelling photo

Did Photograph Foretell the Future?

The picture itself was taken in Atlanta during the time of the shooting for Fast 7, a movie Walker had been working on as part of the Fast and Furious franchise. At first, the photo does not seem that remarkable … until you look at it more closely.

It was taken at the restaurant Six Feet Under, which is on a street called Memorial Drive. In the background, you will see a number of headstones that dot the famous Oakland Cemetery. The photo has been confirmed with the restaurant’s manager.

I can only speak for myself but I found this image to be mesmerizing and at the same time, eerily foretelling.

The photo and background story also seem to confirm what many have said about Walker as a person – that he was unpretentious and down to earth.

Paul Walker Life Lessons

There are lots of things we can learn from Paul Walker, including the gifts of giving, physical mindfulness and love.

On the giving front, one of his legacies will no doubt be his charity, Reach Out World Wide, an organization he was actively involved with to help people in the U.S. and around the globe who are adversely impacted by natural disasters.

On the physical mindfulness front, many may not know this but one of Walker’s life-goals was to receive his black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. His instructor and mentor, Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, had been working with the star for 9 years towards this end.

In a touching piece appearing in Celeb Buzz, Miller shares how he awarded the actor the coveted black-belt posthumously, wanting to give something meaningful back to a person he had worked with for so long.

Finally and perhaps most important, Walker was a family man who loved his daughter, Meadow, dearly. His dedication to her is well documented in a number of public interviews.

As a testament to that love, he had her name tattooed across his wrist.

paul walker tattoo misty daughter

Final Thoughts

I recognize that we are a few weeks out from Paul Walker’s birthday. I just wanted to share some things here – both in narrative and in visual form, which hopefully speak to the deeper core of the man.

You see, it is through the lens of a star’s life – where we witness their personal actions and deeds – that we uncover something special.

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[Photo Credits: Reddit and Fan Pics

Paul Walker: Foretelling Photo Emerges Before Birthday

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