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Adam Levine is Packing Major Life Lessons

adam levine packing life lessons

Adam Levine: Five Life Lessons

The Adam Levine engagement period is over. The mega-watt celebrity officially tied the knot on July 19th, 2014 in Cabo San Lucas Mexico to Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo. In the weeks leading up to the wedding, interest in Levine and his fiancé reached a fevered pitch.

Many fans of the star wondered if the engagement was really going to happen, given Adam Levine’s infamous relationships with women.

PR Stunt?

Some believed the engagement was nothing more than a PR stunt designed to hype up the vocalist turned actor in advance of his first movie role in, Begin Again, which was released in June. Others thought it was just another Hollywood marriage announcement – you know – the ones that are talked about but never seem to happen.

Adam Levine Life Lessons

While the entertainment blogs and celebrity magazines will continue to focus on the Levine-Prinsloo wedding in the days and weeks to come, this article will focus on what insight we can gain from the star and his life.

If we look closely, we can see that Levine is packing some major life lessons for all of us.

I have been following Adam Levine for some time. Like most folks, I first became aware of him through the music of his band, Maroon 5. With chart-breaking hits like Move like Jagger, Payphone and Misery, he was hard not to notice!

It seems like out of nowhere, the guy exploded onto the American entertainment scene and instantly took with the masses.



There’s something magnetic about the star that folks are drawn to. In 2013, Levine was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine – a designation that helped propel him to superstar status

How did Adam Levine become so successful?

As many readers of Reaching Life Goals know, I like to follow celebrities and observe their pasts, with specific focus on what life events helped to shape their character. These traits can then be extracted and then viewed through the lens of time, providing all of us potential life lessons for goal attainment in the here and now.

What follows are five life lessons from Adam Levine, which I hope you will consider as part of your own knowledge base for reaching goals. Can you dig it?

Let’s jump right in!

Adam Levine: 5 Life Lessons

1. Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Many people are aware of Levine’s music from Maroon Five – but did you know that his music was initially considered a failure? It’s true. His first commercial rock bank, Kara’s Flowers was formed in 1994 and released its first album, adam levine packing life lessonsThe Fourth World in 1997. It fell flat.

Rather than give up, Levine kept focusing on his goal to become a major player in the music industry. He retooled, made some changes renamed the band Maroon 5.

The result?

Their first album, Songs About Jane (2002) was a hit and went multi-platinum in United States. Other mega-hits would follow in the years to come with record breaking albums like It won’t be soon before long (2007), Hands all over (2010) and Overexposed (2012). As part of his work with Maroon 5, Levine has received multiple accolades, including three Grammy Awards, two Billboard Music Awards and two American Music Awards.

For many people, personal dreams never become a reality. This often happens when we engage in negative thinking that is hallmarked by fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD). In the case of Levine, it would have been easy for him to engage in FUD after the failure of his first band.

Rather than giving into FUD, Levine simply kept focusing on his goal of becoming a major alternative rock band. He assessed the bands strengths and weaknesses and created change. The rest is history.

Lesson: Never give up on your goals – ever!

2. Don’t Be a Victim of Your Past

Levine’s childhood wasn’t exactly easy. The star’s parents divorced when he was seven years old. He would spend weekdays with his mother and weekends with his father. He also went into therapy at the the behest of his parents.adam levine packing life lessons

In a July, 2012 interview he gave with Q Magazine, Levine opened up and shared, “”They couldn’t accept the fact that I might have been OK with it,” he said. “I cried my eyes out and kicked and screamed and said, ‘Why?’ and all the things you do when you find out. A few days later I was fine but I still had to go to therapy. It was such a waste of time.”

The reality is that many children survive the divorce of their parents and come out just fine. And while it is important not to minimize the emotional impact a parental split can have on youngsters, it is equally important to understand that kids are a lot more resilient than we might think. By emotionally codling children too much over matters like divorce, we may be unintentionally teaching them to become victims, giving them a lifetime permission slip to engage in learned helplessness.

Lesson: Choose not to become a victim of your past

3. Pay attention to Light Bulb Moments

Like most of us, Adam Levine was no saint. In an interview with Q Magazine, he shared that he used hallucinogenic drugs like mushrooms during his teen years. He shared by using drugs, including marijuana that they, “Really forced me to look at myself”. Levine also stated that while he has used various substances in the past, he never abused them.

A major change regarding drug use and Levine would take place later in life when he revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2013 that he stopped using drugs altogether after popping the prescription sleep aid Ambien and losing adam levine packing lessonsconsciousness for over an hour. “…Since then, I’ve never done drugs.” he shared on the show.

Levine is a rock-star and like many vocalists of similar stature and fame, he’s done his fair share of partying and drug taking. The difference with Levine however is that he paid attention to a major “light bulb moment” after losing consciousness. In short, the celeb became seriously afraid for himself and for his personal health after passing out.

In life, we are given several “ah ha” moments that can profoundly resonate with core. These light bulb moments don’t happen often but when they do, it is important to pay attention and absorb their deeper meaning. If you have ever experienced one of these, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Lesson: Don’t ignore light bulb moments

4. Be Authentic

Adam Levine has used his fame and celebrity status to advocate for a number of causes. One particular issue related to mental health that he has been involved with is building awareness around Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). As a teenager, Levine himself was diagnosed with ADD, according to online news reports. “”I struggled with ADHD throughout my life. It was hard for me to sit down, focus, and get schoolwork done. My parents were patient and helped adam levine packing life lessons for allme, along with my doctor, to move forward with a treatment plan that worked”, he shared with ADDitude

Levine has also been a major advocate for LGBT rights and has developed a huge gay following. His brother is openly out and according to a 2011 magazine interview with OutMagazine, Adam and his family knew his brother was gay ever since he was in diapers. “My brother is gay, and we knew when he was two”, shared the star in the interview.

Many celebs will attach themselves to a cause because it’s popular or socially advantageous. The difference with Levine is that he advocated for the above mentioned issues because, in part, he holds a personal connection to them. These connections have allowed him to be a true voice for these issues, which in turn translates into being authentic.

Lesson: When you stand for something – make it real

5. Own Your Mistakes

This final life lesson brings us back to where we started – his marriage to Victoria Secret model Behati Prinsloo. In the run up to the wedding, the tabloids were a-buzz with stories about Levine’s public apologies to ex-girlfriends about how he treated them. Some well-known “exes” include Jessica Simpson and Danish model Agdal.

According to Mail Online, the star began to reach out to these women in an effort to make amends. While the issue of how these olive branches were received is up for debate (some were not received well according to People) it is adam levine packing some life lessonsnotable that Levine recognized that he had made a number of dating and relationship mistakes.

I recently explored the topic of relationships and marriage in the article, Does Marriage Counseling work and included a relationship report card. One cannot help but wonder how some of the women Levine dated in his past might score him on this assessment?

Let’s be real – romance isn’t always what is seems to be with celebrities. If we are honest with ourselves, we recognize that many stars “date” one another for the purposes of grabbing quick headlines, which in turn provides fodder for the gossip rags

With that shared, there is a lesson to be learned here. Levine apparently recognizes that he was a “bad actor” in several relationships he has had with women. While I am not privy to the particulars, the star felt badly enough about them to reach out and share an apology. There’s something to be said for this on Levine’s part, which speaks to his character as a person.

Lesson: Owning mistakes speaks to your character

adam levine life lessons


Now 35 years old, this singer, song-writer and now actor is a massive success. His music and his image have become firmly woven into pop culture. He seems to know who he is and what he wants from life.

What’s next for Levine? Only the future truly knows.

In the here and now however, we can look at his past for clues to his success. As I shared in the title of this posting, Adam Levine is packing some major life lessons.

Which ones will you use in your own life?

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Adam Levine is Packing Major Life Lessons

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