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5 Tips For Helping The Ex-Smoker In Your Life Stay Quit

Tips for helping an ex-smoker remain smoke-free
Are you married to or partnered with an ex-smoker? Trying to find ways to support your mate without being overbearing? Need some real tips on how to be helpful?

If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. That’s because I am a former smoker. In fact, I used to put those nasty things in my mouth for over twenty-years.

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Personal Goals

5 Reasons Why Smart College Students Sign Up For LinkedIn

Are you a college student trying to get a job? Are you nearing degree completion and hoping to make connections with movers and shakers in your specialty? Hoping that your education will help launch your career?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, I’ve got a tip for you. Sign up for LinkedIn! This social media service is one of the best-kept secrets for job seekers on the planet. The problem is many college...
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Why Saying “Just Be Yourself” May Not Always Be Helpful

Plenty of people who mean well will tell you to "just be yourself." They will issue such guidance before you go on a date, attend a job interview, or are about to embark on some activity that is important to you.

The idea that you are amazing now and need not change a darn thing is comforting and even supportive. But does it really help you to become the best version of yourself?

So, why do people offer...
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Professional Goals

10 Active Listening Hacks for Supervisors That Increase Employee Morale

If you manage people, there is a good chance employees come to you with a variety of problems. In the technical sense, you become the receiver of their message.

The question is: can you really hear them?

Given the frantic pace of most workdays, it’s easy to only partially tune into what the person is saying. But if you want to increase employee morale and help your organization reach its goals, it may be helpful to...
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Are You a Type T Personality?

Has anyone ever suggested you are addicted to thrill-seeking? Do people think of you as an adrenaline junkie? If the answer is yes, you may be a Type T personality.

At its core, this personality dimension refers to an individual who gains stimulation from excitement seeking, thrill seeking, arousal seeking, and to a lesser or greater degree, risk-taking (Sharkey & Gaskill, 2013).

If these traits don’t describe you, perhaps they characterize someone you know?

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What Are “Daddy Issues” Exactly?

Daddy issues can be a two-way street
“Daddy issues” is a term that often gets bandied about to describe women who gravitate towards older men. It’s also used to label females who are perceived (by guys) as rebellious.

But is this pejorative phrase accurate?  Moreover, are women really the only ones who can have daddy issues?

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5 Tips For Managing Employees More Effectively

Management Effectiveness
There are many different styles of management, but not all management styles are created equal. Many managers take a hardline approach with their employees that relies on a rigid system of rules and severe punishments.

This is not the best way to encourage productivity, however. According to scientific studies, job satisfaction and productivity tend to plummet with this type of managerial style.

Think about it for a moment. Would you respond well to a boss...
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5 Reasons Men Are So Devastatingly Lonely

Lonely Men in America
Men. From early childhood, we are taught to be rugged, assertive and above all – manly. So strong are these messages that entire marketing campaigns are created for guys about what it means to be a man.

Don’t believe me? Open up any men’s magazine and look at the ads. From razors to sports, it’s all there in high-testosterone color.

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