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Four Practical Tips For Starting Trail Running

Like all forms of running, trail running is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. But in addition, trail running provides certain other particular advantages, including the opportunity to explore nature, work different sets of muscles, and improve running technique.

More runners should give trail running a shot.

However, before a runner tries trail running, there are certain things they should know. Here are five practical tips for starting trail running.

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Personal Goals

7 Hacks For Becoming a More Persuasive Communicator

Are you hoping to become more persuasive when you speak? Do you want to get others to buy into what you are sharing? If the answer is yes, you wouldn't be alone.

A common reason people enter counseling is to gain assistance with communication skills. This is particularly true for folks working in sales and management, where dialogue is critical to success.

Being able to persuade others is an ability that takes time and effort. But...
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Personal Goals

How Weight Lifting Can Help You Lose Weight

Weight lifting is the commonly accepted way to increase strength and get bigger muscles. It’s also a great way to fight back against anxiety and depression. What is less known is that lifting weights can also contribute to weight loss.

Yep – it’s true!

While successful weight loss requires much more than simply pumping iron, weight lifting can nevertheless play an important part in the effort.

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Ryan Phillippe Opens Up About His Battle With Depression

Are you a fan of Ryan Phillippe? I am. As an actor, he’s been in the public eye for nearly 25-years, appearing on various television programs and in movies.

Currently, Phillippe is the star of USA’s Shooter; an action-packed series where he plays the part of a retired veteran coaxed back to work so that he can save the lives of others.

I’m the first to admit the show is high on testosterone and violence. Still,...
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7 Personality Traits of Highly Creative Workers

Do you think of yourself as a creative person? A lot of people do. But what does that really mean? Moreover, what are the characteristics of creativity in the context of work?

As a counselor who does a lot of career coaching, I’ve always been impressed with folks who can come up with novel solutions to complex problems.

In many ways, creative workers possess a “chip” that empowers them to think outside of the box. They tend...
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7 Benefits of Doodling You Might Not Know

Do you doodle? I sure do. Just the other day, I found myself drawing out hexagons on the edge of a notebook. It happened during a meeting that I had trouble tuning into.

Should I feel guilty? Not really. It turns out that doodling is more than a mental distraction. According to research conducted by psychologist Robert Burns, doodles are a form of art therapy (Jaret, 1991).

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Happy Couples Don’t Blast Relationship Updates on Facebook

Seeing less of a couple on social media is a positive sign
Do you have friends who are coupled who constantly post on Facebook? Do you see their pictures regularly blasted on your feed?

Do you sometimes think WTF?

I want to preface what follows by saying I think it’s great when two people share their love through pictures. We should all celebrate genuine affection.

In many ways, photo-documenting helps to memorialize important moments in a relationship.

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