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Happy Couples Don’t Blast Relationship Updates on Facebook

Seeing less of a couple on social media is a positive sign
Do you have friends who are coupled who constantly post on Facebook? Do you see their pictures regularly blasted on your feed?

Do you sometimes think WTF?

I want to preface what follows by saying I think it’s great when two people share their love through pictures. We should all celebrate genuine affection.

In many ways, photo-documenting helps to memorialize important moments in a relationship.

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How Self-Pity and Self-Compassion Differ

Several years ago, a student in my addictions psychology class sent an email asking for help. Myra*, a young woman working to become a substance abuse counselor, was struggling with the concept of self-compassion.

Here’s what she wrote.

“Dear Dr. Moore. I’m really enjoying the class but there’s one thing I don’t get. What’s the difference between self-compassion and self-pity?”

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7 Benefits of Dream Therapy You Might Not Know

Benefits of Dream Therapy
Since the time of the ancients, dreams have been thought of as vehicles for other worldly communication. They’ve also been used as lenses for better seeing life’s complexities in the waking state.

As an integrative therapist with a cognitive bent, I’m a big fan of dream therapy. There’s just something fun about exploring dream content and interpreting meaning.

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7 Ways Leaders Differ From Managers

Leaders vs. Managers
If you coach, train or develop people, there’s a good chance folks see you as a leader. This is particularly true for entrepreneurs who own and operate a business.

Much has been written about what constitutes being a leader. A frequent Socratic question asked of first year MBA students is: Are managers and leaders the same?

The answer is that question (at least to me) is no.
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10 Things Men Do That Make Their Depression Worse

Men and Depression
As a man, I can tell you that talking about the topic of depression with other guys makes you about as popular as a porcupine in a balloon factory.

But here’s the thing – nearly 10% of men in the United States struggle with this mental health issue (CDC, 2015). And it’s safe to say those numbers are likely much higher.

The reason? Most guys would rather admit to anything other than what they feel....
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5 Tips for Keeping Your Memory Sharp!

Exercising your mind and memory
All of us will experience memory loss in some form as we age. It’s part of getting older. Typically, memory efficiency begins to decline in our mid-40’s or early 50’s (Durbin, 2008).

One major reason memory loss happens is a decrease in brain cells. When this happens, people generally experience the phenomenon of “tip of the tongue” loss, such as not being able to recall an actor’s name or the name of a...
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The Advantages of Drinking Tea Over Coffee

For many millions of people, drinking of a cup or two of coffee is a daily ritual. However, there's another immensely popular caffeinated beverage that stands as a strong rival to coffee: tea.

Tea, which is actually the most-consumed drink in the world, has some important advantages over coffee, making tea a better choice for many people.

First of all, tea (generally speaking) is healthier. While research about coffee is mixed, most evidence in regard...
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Ex-NBA Star’s Son Goes Public as Male Rape Survivor

Male rape happens more than you might think
In recent days, news has come out that Zeke Thomas, son of famous ex-NBA basketball player Isaiah Thomas, was raped by another man.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Thomas goes public with his personal story of being sexually violated by someone he met on a dating app – in his own home.

“No one ever talks about this,” he said. “Especially men — gay men. It’s...
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5 Tips for Dealing with Toxic Co-Workers That Love to Spread Negativity

Toxic Coworkers and Negative People
Sometimes you just can't escape negative (otherwise known as "toxic") people who are a part of your daily work routine. Almost every encounter with this type of co-worker quickly escalates into you being subjected to either an earful of gossip or a barrage of complaints.

At some point, all of us will encounter toxic people at work. Over the course of time, their unpleasant attitude can take a toll, sending you into a...
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