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The Art of Shouting Quietly: What Every Introvert Needs to Know




When you speak clearly, you don’t have to speak loudly. While this is something every introvert knows, it is not how we are told we should promote ourselves.


I am a self-confessed introvert, and when I picked up Pete Mosley’s new book, The Art of Shouting Quietly: A Guide to Self-Promotion for Introverts and Other Quiet Souls I felt at once understood – and energized. Which usually doesn’t happen when you include introvert and self-promotion in the same sentence.


You see, Mosley thinks self-promotion might just depend on some of an introverts best qualities. Filled with action points, points to ponder, Ninja tips, and worksheets, The Art of Shouting Quietly begins by asking us to rethink our quietness – that it is in our stillness that we might also find the mindfulness to identify our hidden strengths. This is important because according to Mosley, knowing them fully will help you, “hit a breakthrough in your confidence levels and the way you promote yourself.” In one of my favorite worksheets – which can be pulled out, duplicated, and reused as Mosley suggests – we are asked to list what things grow our confidence, and what things diminish it. Like many of Mosley’s insights, this exercise is simple and yet profound. As Mosley explains, it’s one of the building blocks of confidence, along with “systematically reinforcing your belief in yourself, understanding what you are put on this planet to do, being true to your values, knowing that you can shape your sense of what is possible, having a plan and a strong sense of purpose, and knowing how to ask for help.”


We are then encouraged to define just what success means, and to “find our voice.” For an introvert, this was music to my ears, and had me rethinking what self-promotion really is. Mosley makes the strong case that promoting yourself depends on developing solid, connected relationships – something introverts happen to be great at. Once who you are – the story that you present about yourself – is clear, so will be your values. And those who share those values will be drawn to you. Instead of going after the fish with a net, you will be using a powerful lure. In getting there, Mosley also explores all of the things that might hold us back – from vague goals and values, procrastination, unrealized potential, toxic relationships, “well-intentioned critics”, and even our own “internal management committee.” In another great exercise, Mosley asks us to list all of the things that move us toward or away from what we really want in life.


The Art of Shouting Quietly for an introvert is like the “art of possible” opening a whole new world where we are free to “embrace our non-conformity” and even find virtue there. For the introvert it’s like oxygen to the soul.


Pete Mosley, an introvert himself, also offers workshops for quieter business people based around the book in number of formats. More information on Mosley and The Art of Shouting Quietly can be found through his website The book can also be ordered directly through Mosley’s website, as well as through



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The Art of Shouting Quietly: What Every Introvert Needs to Know

Claire Dorotik-Nana, LMFT

Claire Dorotik-Nana LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist specializing in post-traumatic growth, leveraging adversity, and other epic human achievements. Claire has written multiple continuing education courses for Professional Development Resources, Zur Institute, and International Sport Science Association. Claire has also authored multiple books, including:
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