il_570xN.419748855_eq1sHaving patience can be a real challenge at times.  Whether it’s patience with changes in life, with things that we expect or even with things that we are about to do.  Patience is required with people, places, things and situations.  Most importantly, patience is required in a loving relationship with ourselves.

There is sometimes the tendency to rush ourselves, to rush progress and to rush healing.  However, the time it takes for this progress and healing to take place, we can learn a lot about ourselves.  We can use this time to observe the changes we are going through and how we handle the various situations.

A few things to be mindful of when you think you are lacking patience:

* What’s the rush?

* Think of how resilient you are

* Find people around who can encourage you as you go through life changes

* Think of the rewards

* Explore the benefits

* Journal your thoughts and emotions

* Keep positive affirmations to encourage you

* Remember that not everything comes right away

* Breathe deeply when feeling anxious

What are you waiting on in your life? Are you finding it difficult to have patience? 

Don’t forget to give yourself credit for small, healthy changes!

Photo credit to MyaBruceDesigns on Etsy