il_570xN.474514110_eoshHappy July 4th to everyone!

What a great day to relax and enjoy the holiday with friends, family and loved ones.  It is also a great time to reflect on what it means to gain independence and live freely.

Being independent can mean different things to different people.  However, it is a symbol of some kind of self-reliance, a feeling of being in control of your life.  We may still need to depend on others for various reasons, but we can still feel a sense of freedom.

As we reflect on what this day means, we cannot forget those who still face the struggles of being chained and attached to other people or things, those who have no sense of freedom or security.  There are so many people that are tied to addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, food etc) abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, etc), financial instability, isolation, homelessness.  The list goes on.

What can you do today to help another person that sill feels trapped?  How can you positively influence another person that has no sense of independence or freedom?  How can you make a positive difference in another person’s life today?

Be safe, be considerate, be mindful.

Photo credit to BoaAndBoo on Etsy