il_570xN.331177132I can’t remember the date I began practicing yoga, but I remembered it being in 2009 when I fell in love with this practice.  In 2010 I really began adopting yoga into my life and found out that there were benefits on and off the mat.  In my opinion, yoga is much more than just getting on your mat, doing poses in a routine and saying “OM”.  It is about breathing, absorbing, being present, being aware and balance.

I recently began thinking about ways that I can incorporate aspects of yoga into my practice with clients.  There is something therapeutic about being able to focus on the present moment:  there is no need to worry about what can happen, may happen, might happen or can possibly happen.  You can focus on what is, at that moment.

There are many ways to incorporate yoga into your lifestyle and ways that it can possibly be helpful to clients.  Here are 3 of the several things that I have observed about what yoga can bring to your life.

* Awareness:  It is difficult to be practicing yoga (being at a class or doing your home practice) and not be aware of what you are doing.  You have to pay attention to what move comes next, how you feel, what is uncomfortable.  It allows you an opportunity to pay attention to yourself.

* Relaxation:  Since I have been going to yoga class and when I do my home practice, I always end in savasana.  It is a good way to reduce stress and anxiety

* Balance:  Have you checked out some of those yoga poses?  If you do not have good balance, you fall on your face!  Doing yoga is a great way to help you practice balance.  You learn how to tune in to what your body says and learn how to distribute your weight and use your core to keep you stable.

If you are interested in learning more about yoga, here are a few of my favorite yoga-people and websites!

Yoga Journal (extremely great resource for anyone interested in yoga: from the expert to the first-timer)

MindBodyGreen (I visit this website daily for encouragement and tips on healthy eating)

Tara Stiles (I have personally taken a class with Tara and she was amazing!)

Kathryn Budig (Awesome lady with a beautiful soul.  I specially enjoy and use her Aim True yoga DVD)

The Chopra Center (Amazing website with a lot of information on mindfulness, yoga and ayurveda)

Photo Credit to DecalbLab on Etsy