Etsy picIt can be very difficult at times to take a little time off from our busy schedules, but let’s face it:  we need to. Many of us have a family, full time job, probably going to school or doing other classes, continuing education and the list goes on.  It can be hard to find balance in what seems to be a very unbalanced life.

A personal time out means that you can give yourself permission to have some “me-time” if not daily, weekly, monthly.  I know that our schedules may not allow us to have a full day or weekend off every week, but can we grant ourselves at least 15 minutes or 1 hour?  After all, just like a plane needs to be re-fueled in order to fly the other trip, we too need to re-charge our bodies in order to continue carrying on with our responsibilities.  When our energy tank is reading “E” it’s time to pull aside and re-charge!

As the saying goes, a little can go a long way.  Taking a personal time out does not have to mean something extreme, it can be something very simple.  Remember, in order for this to have the ultimate benefit, it should be something that you enjoy or something you are genuinely interested in.  It should not feel like punishment in any way and it should not be something you feel guilt over.  This is self care: It is you giving yourself love and attention.

The beauty of taking a personal time-out is that you can plan this around your schedule.  Just like you schedule meetings, business trips, seminars and conference calls, you too can schedule your personal time off.  For some persons, because of the nature of their job or lifestyle, taking a personal time-out might just very well mean taking time to spend with family and loved ones.  Perfect!

These are a few ideas for taking a personal time out either on your own or with family and loved ones:

* schedule a spa day

* take a yoga class

* spend 1 hour without technology: no phone, no internet, no iPad etc.  

* visit the beach

* read your favorite book , or a book you have always wanted to read

* cook a new meal, try out a new restaurant or recipe

* take a walk/run/jog on a trail 

* go sightseeing/exploring new places

* go on vacation

* meditation

* hot tub

* listening to music

* journal/painting/scrap-booking

* movie night

This list can go on, and on.  You can also add your favorite activities to this list.

What are some of the things that you enjoy?  What is one thing that you have been longing to do/try/experiment but you can’t find the time for it?

Photo credit to Mesa Dreams on Etsy