About Rebecca Givens Rolland, Ed.D.

Rebecca Givens RollandRebecca Givens Rolland, Ed.D. is an education writer and consultant focused on integrating research and practice. She has a wide range of experiences in schools, hospitals, and clinics serving as an interface between parents, teachers, and kids. As a mother, speech pathologist, and expert in early childhood and adult development, she combines her scientific knowledge with her personal experience at home and in the field.

With a doctorate in Human Development and Education from Harvard, she focuses her work on brokering knowledge from the Ivory Tower to the real world, and on illuminating the ways in which experiences like parenting can change our outlook — and even our brains — as adults. Her work has appeared in Brain, Child, EdSurge, and at Education Week, and is forthcoming in Cognoscenti. Her research has appeared in journals including the Review of Educational Research and the Harvard Education Letter. As a winner of the Dana Award in Fiction, she also writes fiction and poetry, with work published in Slice, Kenyon Review, and a number of other national publications.

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