Managing emotions is key to school success–and parents can help

With the school year starting again, it's tempting to do everything possible to ensure our kids are getting started on the right foot. But new research suggests there is such a thing as doing too much--and that what kids need most is help managing and understanding their emotions--not more of a push into academics.
According to a study by Dr. Nicole Perry recently published in Developmental Psychology,...


How family brain patterns contribute to anxiety

Many studies have been recently published about the ways childhood anxiety can be impacted by parenting. Many times, this impact isn't even seen in obvious ways, but in the parents' subtle messages sent through the way they model their relationship to challenges, or discuss how they are managing fears.

But recent research is showing there is actually a genetic link in the ways...


Five questions to check in with kids and yourself

It's easy to think about mindfulness in the abstract, but can be much harder to implement it on a daily basis. Even five-or ten-minute meditations can feel hard to implement in the throes of life, especially with young kids. Below are some questions that can be nice ways to jumpstart an in-the-moment check-in--one that can benefit us and our kids in parallel.



Early Education Reform: 3 Ways to Prevent Violence

In all the talk of AR-15s and bump stocks, and the critical call for significant gun reform, it's easy to forget about an equally necessary goal: that of making sure we can prevent people, especially younger people, from becoming killers. As we see gun violence becoming an ever-larger part of our society, we need to start rethinking how we teach and care for...


How lack of play hurts kids—and how we can change

As a mother of two young kids, I often see kids being shuttled from one activity to the next on weekends, with little breathing room, who are exhausted at the end of the day--and I'm occasionally guilty of the same. While they're developing skills, on the surface, new research suggests that we're doing them, and ourselves, a disservice by keeping them so constantly busy....


Getting in Sync with Kids: What Brain Research Shows

We often talk about the need to build strong, positive connections with kids in their earliest years—but a recent study out of the University of Cambridge in the UK suggests that doing so actually rewires our brains, and those of our kids. We actually can “sync” our brains to those of infants, and in doing so, support a stronger connection between us. And infants’...


Finding flow in parenting: What brain science tells us, and how we can

It’s easy to hear people talking about “finding flow” and think of some impossible-to-achieve state, or something that’s especially hard to find in the midst of the daily moments of parenting. But research shows us that this state of flow—in which we’re doing something we’re passionate about, and lose track of time—is actually key to helping us be creative, both in the moment, and in...