Am I the only one who has spent years on the look out for their passion? And what about my bliss? Where’s my damn bliss? Has anyone seen my bliss?

I am half joking here, but the other half I mean from the bottom of my heart. At 48, only now are things unfolding for me. And like so many of us, I had to be hit over the head with it.

Hindsight being 20/20, I can scroll through 5 years of Face Book and clearly see what I am attracted to – what draws me in. And after oneĀ  identifies a passion or two, what then?

I pose a question: As a person who is a Mental Disorder Warrior, do you struggle with inertia? Do you start but have trouble completing things? Do your ideas stay just that? Ideas, not action.

A few things that I recommend if you have binoculars in hand:

  • On or a like site, type in random keywords in the search filed. They can be about anything, not necessarily something that pertains to what your skills are. Then, see what comes up! Go crazy with it! Read the ads and use your imagination.
  • Google Volunteer Opportunities – this is a nice broad key word that will bring causes up from all over the country (and more). Remember, this exercise is about stimulating your curiosity, not practicality so don’t worry about geography.
  • Next time you see one of those continuing adult education catalogs, check it out! There is generally a diverse offering in your community from palm reading to fiction writing to cooking to pet grooming. And the courses are fairly inexpensive.
  • Ask “Could I?” and answer: “WHY NOT?” – there are no limits!

I can say this for certain: having fumbled and stumbled and accidentally finding a few things that make me feel passion, it brings me alive when I think of it.

What do you do? Have you found yours? What is it and how did you know?

PHOTO CREDIT Dave via Compfight