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Archives for October, 2012


Thank You Depression

And no, I'm not crazy. Well, maybe a little but that's not the point. The point is that I'm thankful for it.

It can be hard to put yourself "out there". I get understand that. It's more important to me that people talk out loud about mental health so here

I love my crazy, wacky, break the rules - skate along the edge, not at all conventional life.  What's the alternative?...
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What If? What If? What IF? ~ Part 1

Back in 2002, while deciding whether to relocate to the west coast from the east, my boss made a spot on observation.

During one of my many, vocal wrestling matches with the decision that needed to be made, she exclaimed : "Geeeeze Leslie, I have never, ever met anyone that can WHAT IF themselves into a corner like you can'".

She was right.

It is actually painful for me to make most  decisions. At least the medium...
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Childhood Depression ~ What It Feels Like

It's a big day for me and I have a very passionate "hope" for many more.

The snow was falling, nearly crashing down like crazy outside the window and as a bonus, school was closed.  At 48, I can recall every crystal inside every single snow flake like it was a moment ago.

I laid there with my brother's black and...
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