O2 Max

As I eluded to in my entry And Who Said Working Out Can’t Be Fun?, the journey to embrace fitness, or something that vaguely resembles it anyway, began with a bit of a bumpy start. Well, I’m happy to report to you that I’m still at it and it has indeed gotten a bit easier.

Like we’ve all heard and/or experienced for ourselves before, once the momentum gets going, you do miss your workout if you skip a day.  Not that I haven’t prayed for the flu virus here and there but overall, I’m fairly motivated.

I’ve learned a few things in the last few of weeks that in hopes of helping mankind, are listed here:

  • Scales can be tricky, unreliable and even broken. On Monday, my scale worked perfectly; down 3 pounds! Damn, I love that thing! When I weighed Tuesday, it was up by 2 pounds. Wednesday, up by 1 more. Keep your receipts. This one’s going back to Target.
  • I’m a child of the 70’s/80’s. Please note that it is unwise to practice your old rollerskating moves on the treadmill. However, sans skates, I lower the treadmill speed to .5, turn up KC & The Sunshine Band and perform my best “skate dance” moves. It’s just entirely too much fun to see everyone trying to not get caught staring at me!  Wonderful fun!
  • Your concern over what to wear to the gym fades very quickly. Initially, I’d wear “outfits” to the gym. You know, to look cool –  like “Hey, I do this all the time – just tossed one of my many Under Armor shirts on.” Now, they’re lucky if I show up in clothes, much ones that match. I’ve even tossed on a jog bra under my sleep shirt. Yeah, the need to be fashionable has escaped me.
  • Buy an arm band to hold your iPhone or iPod. I still have not done so and give you the heads up that it’s nearly impossible to read your playlist through a shattered screen.

“Are you sure you don’t want a piece of cheesecake?” said the perky, thin little server to me last night at Cheesecake Factory. I explained to her that I had used up 2 weeks of points on Chardonnay and that I couldn’t possibly have…Oh, OK!…but the low-carb version!

Thirty minutes later, I was back in the gym.

Though not recommended, you can dine with Kendall Jackson then walk on a treadmill a half hour later. I think. Or was it an hour later?
PHOTO CREDIT: Creative Commons License photo credit: Nottingham Trent University