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Considering Heaven

Tso Moriri Lake

Becoming aware of one’s mortality really sucks. I’m 47 (shun the term “late 40’s”) and over the last few years, the inevitable has happened.

The “It’ll never happen to me” way of living your life quietly morphs into a more realistic way of living and so, naturally, I’ve given more thought to things like the afterlife — or rather, heaven. I’ve become more curious.

I long to have a complete and thorough confidence in heaven and the peace that that brings.

Today, I finished the book “Heaven Is For Real.” It’s a breathtaking account of a child’s visit to heaven and a beautiful, beautiful account it is. This book opened my mind and heart and made me smile.

This little boy speaks of how in heaven, there are so many more colors than the rainbow that we know here.

There is a school of thought that children are so much more in touch with Heaven and Angels because it’s been such a short time since they came to earth from there. I love that.

In the book, there is a goosebump worthy story of a little girl that, at the end of a church service, looked up to her Mom and asked why some of the people in church had light above their heads and some didn’t. I love that.

And that Apple founder Steve Jobs, just before moving on from this life, left us with “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

I think he loved the colors.

Considering Heaven

Leslie Hull

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