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Archives for June, 2012


And Who Said Working Out Can’t Be Fun?

I live in a highrise building filled to the brim with 20-somethings.  Spilling over with women (girls) who stand before unforgiving mirrors, pinching an inch (or 1/10 of one) and proclaiming "Argghhh! I'm so fat"!

The sun is just rising. I stumble to my laundry basket and retrieve the attire.

I wiggle and push and smush myself into my grey spandex leggings, too small Under Armor sports bra, cute Nike tank (cute might...
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The Dad, Little Girl, Love & The Lion

I looked around and fiddled and fidgeted in the dark, as little children do after being put to bed, waiting for the sandman.

I peeped over the edge of the bed, looked down, and much to my horror, I saw the white frilly bed skirt on my white, canopy Waaaasss it was moving? What was making slowly,  into my 7 year old conscious, formed the following certainty:
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Gremlins Be Gone!

C'mon Les, keep it together. Stay buttoned up. Don't come undone.

I am a person who seems to escalate to a place where when I do lose it, I LOSE it. My world is black and white at these times and little else. Except for the drama. I almost forgot about the drama.

I want to move back to Louisville.

I want to be with my brother in Texas.

I want to be the opposite of lonely every day,...
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The Other Side of Suicide – Part 2

Two days into my stay at the "hospital" (and I use that term loosely), I wanted to check myself out - which was my right. I was not being treated appropriately (or at all) and even in my deep depression, I knew this to be true.

The staff not only blocked my efforts, but I later found out that they were dishonest with me as well. It was...
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