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Archives for May, 2012


On The Other Side Of Suicide – Part 1

It was the 1980's, I was just 22, wrapped in a coat the boyfriend had given me. I was lying on the floor of my closet. I was cried out. I was solutioned out. I was shocked - stunned - and self-helped out. I still could not keep food down nor could I get warm. I could never get warm.

Lying there was the closest to any kind of comfort I could find.

For months,...
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No Mother? No Problem

We all landed where we did. We may have been drop-kicked or gently placed, but we're where we are supposed to be.

With all due respect and gratitude to my therapist and all the other magic makers world-wide, quite simply, I am often at the mercy of my blindness; my ability to overlook the completely obvious. I don't need anyone to help me figure it out, I just need a smack upside the head.

Today is Mother's...
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