Christmas Tree

Here are your directives Virginia:

Halloween BOO! Next, hurry up and be way grateful while your hand is stuck up in some poor unsuspecting turkey, then on your mark, get set, GO! 12:01 am black Friday and shop, shop, shop, while you had better hark hear the angels while you deck your halls while you roast your chestnuts on the damn open fire…now, go shop the after sales for a sparkly LBD that most certainly isn’t the size 6 you had hoped to get into for the big why-is-there-nobody-for-me-to-kiss-at-midnight New Year party! …and then there is the hangover and the dreaded black eyed pea.

Got it? Good.

This morning, I opened up some boxes in my closet marked “Crafts.” Mixed in with the hot glue sticks and ribbon, was a memory. A memory of when I actually hand made holiday t-shirts and ornaments for the tree. And that was just pre-Christmas! Under the tree, each woman in my family delighted (or at least I think they did!)  in unwrapping a box holding handmade earrings and pins. Now I’m lucky to make my cards and get them in the mail.  Fine. I don’t do cards and haven’t in a couple of years.


I wonder if other people also feel a twinge of envy when they see TV commercials of happy, perfect women adjusting vampire capes on their impossibly precious little boys or blazing into their dining rooms with gravy boats and plates of homemade stuffing or placing stars atop their trees.

It seems that each year I am thrust into a new situation with new circumstances to complain about. But while I haven’t perfected my scarf knitting or even blog writing, I have gotten pretty good at escaping the trappings of the holidays without whining too terribly much.

To my family and friends (sans glittered t-shirts and too heavy earrings) I say thank you because you are what matters.

And please know that you are doing your part as I am saving a tree by not licking a stamp and placing it on an envelope.

 Rather, this is your card. Yes, back to the basics.

 I love you and merry, merry Christmas.

Creative Commons License photo credit: rinoshea