Thanksgiving Figurines

Yup, alone. You would think as outgoing and extroverted – how nice, friendly and warm I am, I would have tons of options of what to do on the big day….what to do? What to do?

I’ve spent the last year coming out of my shell. resulted in many dates that I wouldn’t trade for the world! OK, that was a full out lie. If anything, it’s been an exercise in putting a toe outside of my comfort zone.  Taking a break from the dating world at the moment.

My family? We are spreading out all over the country but our love is not. That however, does not make me enjoy my mouth watering Marie Calandar’s turkey pot pie any more.

For whatever reason, this Turkey day seems to be jumping up and down reminding me that I am all alone here. For whatever reason it makes me even more determined to not let the Turkey (depression) get me down.

The biggest reason I write on Psych Central is so that I might possibly help others. This is one of those times. But in writing for this reason, I find myself on the receiving end of being helped.

If you are alone this Thanksgiving, ask someone you know – you work with – a neighbor…ask them if you can drop by this Thursday and be part of their celebration. Yes, ask them. Difficult? Yes, but stick that toe out.

Of course we might volunteer, but is it hard for you to get motivated? Me too. We have to keep pushing on though.

I don’t have all the answers on this one. One thing I know for certain is if I can push all my little demons and gremlins off to the side and count my blessings, I’ll be OK. It’s just 24 hours.

What are your blessings?

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr. T in DC