I would like to think I’m normal. I’d like to think I’m plain vanilla, Midwest nice – boring! Yes, boring might be fun (yawn), but the reality is that with the exception of “nice,” I’m probably none of those things, at least not on any consistent basis.

I am a woman who has an ongoing love/hate relationship with ADD and a fondness/dislike with her bipoliarity. Gee, what else do I feel like tossing in there….

If you look over the edge along which I skate you’ll see things I could easily fall into the grasps of…depression…hypo-mania…addiction…reckless behavior…a virtual playground of danger.

There are days when to skate inland into safer territory seems uphill and on a quite slippery slope.

Then there are other days that peeping over the edge just seems like it’s never going to be enough.

Danger is the object of my affection and with whom I flirt. People would certainly not describe me as a “Type A'” kinda gal. I mean, I really dislike flying of late and I have not gone to trapeze school (though I did watch others learn). Now that I think of it, how important is the net anyway?

It’s not that type of danger I’m talking about. Some serious envelope pushing is my kind of danger….

How long till you’re called an addict?

How much can I do anything before it becomes a problem?

How much can I get away with not doing?

You’ve perhaps heard me speak of my beloved extreme sports (I totally channel a 16 year old boy btw)? So, I have a question! How long can I practice extreme procrastinating before a problem emerges or it becomes an official Olympic sport? C’mon! Want to join me?

So I’ve come to accept my trips along the edge of the ice; even appreciating them. If you are like me, and skate until you think you can hear the ice crack, we  just have to learn to  effectively manage our lives and be diligent in doing so.

Yeah, um, we’ll start doing that tomorrow.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jos Dielis