Afternoon Hail Storm - 08

I don’t know about you but I’m weary of each celebrity’s bad behavior earning a “….he’s thought to be bipolar.” …or half of the unspeakable crimes reported by the media “…it’s said she’s bipolar.” …particularly if  a very violent crime is committed and reporters are quick to offer up the role bipolarity might play in the action.

C’mon people!

I’m no Physician, I’m just a little educated bipolar sorta gal but I know enough to say I’ve had it with the disease being connected by the media with nearly every trauma or bizarre event, particularly celebrity event,  reported.

This is why I say a big THANK YOU Katherine Zeta Jones!

With grace, dignity, pride and a healthy mix of:  …this is the deal – it’s not the biggest deal – and here’s what I’m doing about it.

I am so happy that a high profile person went public in the way in which she did…with quiet class and style and it was not sensationalized by the media. I only sensed  a faint hint of sympathy and support.

It is just this kind of revealing that makes me, ironically enough, feel even more “normal” . It actually makes me even more proud of the things that make me me. And these things? I think it’s fair to say that  they are born out of my bipolar.

It’s when I see grossly inflated attachments to things like crimes that I feel ashamed.

Everyday…OK, most every day, I rise and figure out ways to deal with my Bipolar. Most days, it’s just about acknowledging it. Some days it’s about cowboying up and telling it who the boss is.  Sometimes, it’s raising the umbrella and waiting out the storm.

My life really changed the most not with diagnosis, but rather with my ability to acknowledge it.

So, good for you KZJ! Thank you for making me feel better about myself.

Creative Commons License photo credit: griffhome