When she was in the 1’st grade, Leslie’s  teacher informed me that she was sick and tired of seeing Luv peas printed around her school papers. I patiently explained that it was not a particularly cared for vegetable but was simply a 6 year old pacifist who couldn’t spell worth a damn.

Once, when she was in the 2’nd grade, it happened that Open House preceded Mothers Day by just a few days. The teacher had the kids work on a top secret project which involved drawing a likeness of their mothers….”Now remember children, let’s all lock up our mouths and throw away the key!”

For a week, every time I passed her bedroom, she was sprawled out on her floor surrounded by broken crayons and crumpled up papers, working on her project.

When the big night arrived, she was in such a state of flushed excitement that she couldn’t even eat dinner.

Oh Mom! I have the most wonderful surprise present for you. Miss Potts said I must have worked harder than anyone else in class ! She showed it to all of the other teachers! Mr. Parker even asked me to introduce you to him!”

After that monumental clue I’d have to be a third degree moron not to have guessed what was up.

Since drawing is one of Leslie’s fortes and since every little girl sees he mother as a goddess, I looked forward with some anticipation to the surprise present.

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photo credit: Loonybread