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Archives for December, 2010


Here’s To My Mom – Part Two

When she was in the 1'st grade, Leslie's  teacher informed me that she was sick and tired of seeing Luv peas printed around her school papers. I patiently explained that it was not a particularly cared for vegetable but was simply a 6 year old pacifist who couldn't spell worth a damn.

Once, when she was in the 2'nd grade, it happened that Open House preceded Mothers Day by just a few days. The teacher had...
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Here’s To My Mom – Part One

Back in the 70's, there lived a woman. A woman who was brave, sometimes outlandish, always brilliant, funny, respected, gorgeous and talented.
She was a mom. She was a wife. She volunteered. She modeled. She was a bit of a local TV celebrity.

She was feisty, passionate and strong willed.

I remember one time when she was a guest on a morning TV show. She was part of a panel debating services available to children with autism, with whom...
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My Happy Christmas

Two years ago something disheartening happened that made me feel “Old.” Horrified, I heard the following words come out of my mouth:
“I am just so sick of the commercialization of Christmas.” And so it was. I had officially crossed over into bitter old woman land.

Me. Me?

But I was the one who sent handmade holiday cards! The one who started humming carols the day after Halloween! The one who snuck into work early...
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