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Murder Suicide. Who Here Is Angry?

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It is rare that my posts are so heavy but I cannot ignore this one… And just when I thought there was no worse story than my family’s own, there was a deeply shocking discovery inside Massachusetts home this week. A couple was found dead in an apparent murder suicide.

What’s even more tragic, they left a note on the front door for the children. That’s right, THEY LEFT A NOTE ON THE FRONT DOOR OF THEIR HOUSE FOR THEIR CHILDREN TO FIND.

My own experience with parental suicide (complete with the note for her child on the bedroom door) has made me have enormous compassion on the topic of suicide. Simply unlimited compassion. But I was tested this week and I failed grossly. This scene brought up the worst of angers in me.

Extra! Extra! I have a newsflash! If you want to hurt your children – hurt them more deeply and completely than is fathomable – if you want to put your children through a kind of hell like no other – if your desire is to destroy lives  – and leave a miserable legacy, commit the horrific act that this man did this week.

I cannot wrap my brain around what it would be like to lose both of your parents and not to mention, in such a disgustingly violent way. The entire world just shattered for a completely innocent  8 and a 5 year old child.

Yes, there is room to feel sorry for the guy. But not a lot of room. Clearly, he was profoundly disturbed to have committed this horrifying act. It’s something far beyond most of our comprehensions.

So I am left with nothing else to do but to pray. And though I am tempted to cry out to God “Why? Why? Why?”, I’ll simply pray that these children, who aren’t even equipped enough to grieve, be spared whatever  amount of pain  that  He sees fit.

Speaking from experience, obviously, it does get better. You do heal.

My heart has broken for these children and everyone else who struggles to stay afloat in the wake left behind. God speed.
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Murder Suicide. Who Here Is Angry?

Leslie Hull

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