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On Moving. Again.

i am awkwardly strong

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks planning for, getting ready for and finally, moving all of my belongings out of a storage facility 4 states away.

What advice I can give is that perhaps the most painful part of the moving process is that it forces you to take a good, long hard look at yourself.

For example, I am reminded again that I truly am the most disorganized person on the face of our planet. As I type, I am sitting in a canyon surrounded by walls of Rubbermaid bins and cardboard boxes without a clue of what really resides in them. I’ve brought in some water and a flare so in case you don’t hear from me again…

Back to my bins. Each has been identified so many different times with a black Sharpie that I don’t know which holds my snow globe collection or my pots and pans.

Clearly, I have an aversion to throwing away things. When I attempt this painful exercise, I end up with a “toss” pile that could fit in a sandwich bag. One just never knows when they might need an “As Seen on TV” dremel for your pet’s pedicure or an old iron that has a loose cord. As an aside, I do not iron. Ever.

So, I opened my first box last night and was surprised to find a bottle of fingernail polish remover. No polish but hey, just in case, I do have the remover. I carried it to the bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet. I stood, the vast medicine cabinet opened in front of me, deciding where I would place it or if the cabinet is even the best place for it.

After much consideration, I wandered into the other bathroom and looked at its medicine cabinet. This went on for easily 10 minutes at which time I become overwhelmed and exasperated and simply put the bottle down on the dining room table where I can assure you, it will remain for the next 3 months.

If you hear a voice… ”Thank you. Thank you. Thank you God for Debbie,” that’s me thanking Him for my best friend who recently started her own professional organizing business. By no small miracle, she still helps me with these moving adventures of mine.

The best part about all of this is that I find things I forgot I had! It’s like Christmas! Until while deep in the thick of bin and box opening, I came across a bag of dog food. Uh oh.

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On Moving. Again.

Leslie Hull

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