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Archives for November, 2010


Looking For What To Be Thankful For

About 6 years ago or so, I started my version of a gratitude journal. Every night, when I crawled into bed, I retrieved my notebook from the drawer and listed 3 things from the day I was thankful for.  Sometimes it looked like this:

1)      …that I fit into my skinny jeans

2)      …for getting the promotion at work

3)      …that I was able to get the flight I wanted for my...
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Murder Suicide. Who Here Is Angry?

It is rare that my posts are so heavy but I cannot ignore this And just when I thought there was no worse story than my family's own, there was a deeply shocking discovery inside Massachusetts home this week. A couple was found dead in an apparent murder suicide.
What’s even more tragic, they left a note on the front door for the children. That’s right, THEY LEFT A NOTE ON...
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On Moving. Again.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks planning for, getting ready for and finally, moving all of my belongings out of a storage facility 4 states away.
What advice I can give is that perhaps the most painful part of the moving process is that it forces you to take a good, long hard look at yourself.

For example, I am reminded again that I truly am the most...
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